Wizards are magic users born with the ability to learn other people's spells after they awaken.[1] The same term is used irrespective of gender.[2]

They may or may not also have spells of their own.[3] There is a rare type of wizard who do not get spells in the first place.[4] (Almost certainly called Seer)

The process of learning a spell is really simple: they just have to see it (possibly multiple times), but don't need to make any extra effort. It may be possible for them to learn some spells without actually trying.[3]

Being a wizard, similar to having innate magic affinities, is caused by having the right ancestors.[5] While it wasn't confirmed as being caused by genes, it either must be or it behaves similarly to being so.

When both parents are wizards, their kids are guaranteed to be wizards as well.[6]

Known Wizards

Verres Wizard note

The EGS Main Story Comic for 2016-05-25 implies that both Noriko Verres and Edward Verres are wizards, but it took until the EGS Main Story Comic for 2017-07-14 to finally get confirmation.


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