The Video Rental Store is where Susan and Mr. Tensaided work.[1] Susan has organized the Star trek movies with the even numbered movies and the odd numbered movies separate from one other;[2] Star Trek V is in the aisle of shame, along with Highlander 2 and the rest of the worst. Ellen, Nanase, and Justin went there during the events of the Night Out story arc to pick out some movies and at Susan's suggestion decided to watch the movies at her house.[3] Later, Sarah met with Susan there in order to discuss the loss of The Hammers; still later, the former again met the latter to discuss her breakup with Elliot.

Summer Edit

Elliot in Video Rental

In summer, Elliot started working there as well, based on Susan recommendation. Due to his catastrophic failure in recognizing movie references,[4] Mr. Tensaided didn't want to hire him and only agreed when Susan mentioned Elliot knows Cheerleadra.[5]

But later Elliot shown as very good at the work and even better with Susan. Tensaided recognized it and talked them into doing movie reviews together.[6]



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