In the time I've been reading EGS (and especially Daniel Elliot Shive's twitter accounts) he has announced the following EGSNP storylines (this list does not include storylines that started soon after they were announced):

  1. Grace playing a Skyrim-like video game (announced late 2016)
  2. A storyline about Nanase and Akiko (announced late 2016)
  3. A sequel to Escape From The Mall starring Kitty and Felix (announced March 8, 2017)
  4. A detective story starring Elijah (announced early 2017)
  5. Goonmanji 2 (announced April 28, 2017 or earlier depending on how you count)
  6. A transformation-heavy storyline after Goonmanji 2 (announced May 2017). This probably didn't refer to Ellen Demo which was said to be the result of a sudden decision.
  7. A storyline with male form fanservice (announced October 5, 2017)
  8. A tabletop RPG storyline with most of the main characters (hinted at February 4, 2018, announced February 27, 2018 and elaborated on March 1)
  9. Sarah and Grace playing a Mass effect parody (announced April 17, 2018)
  10. A Pokemon parody storyline later named Grace-A-Monsters (probably announced in May 2018)
  11. A canonical storyline about Tedd and Grace doing scientific experiments, possibly involving Grace's new ablity to transform her clothes (announced July 4, 2018)
  12. A sequel to Grace-A-Monsters (announced August 31, 2018 and probably earlier in August)
  13. A Tomb Raider parody starring Nanase and Sarah, later named Nanase Craft (probably announced in September or October 2018)
  14. A sequel to Nanase Craft (announced March 28, 2019 and mentioned again in April 1)
  15. A canonical storyline about Rich, Larry, Charlotte, Luke and George (announced March 30, 2019)
  16. A storyline with Rich (announced August 3, 2019)
  17. A bottle episode (mentioned January 30, 2020)

Of these only Ellen Demo, Goonmanji 2, Grace-A-Monsters and Nanase Craft were actually made. Dan has recognized this and become better at not announcing storylines that were later cancelled but he has not entirely stopped doing it. The following were only tentatively announced so they shouldn't count in the statistics:

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