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    This wiki has statistics of character appearances in EGS. Another website with such statistics is Ookii. This is a list of differences between what character appearances the two websites count, either because they make different judgment calls or because Ookii missed or misidentified a character (when I find that this wiki's statistics is wrong I correct it). Since Ookii's statistics is out of date I only list differences before Ookii last updated: after So A Date At The Mall for story comics, after Gaming Webcomic for NP comics and between April and August 2013 for sketchbook images.

    Ookii considers Tedd and his counterpart in the Second Life universe to be the same character but this wiki considers them distinct.

    For the following pages th…

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    claimed that all characters that appeared in the page would eventually appear in the main continuity. Noah played an important role in Indiana Elliot and the Temple Of Swedish Furniture and New And Old Flames and Liz appeared once in Sister II but Lisa, Alice and the others of Germahn Labs haven't been implied to be canon (not counting hints that they are planned to be canon) other than a brief appearance in Painted Black Update: Dr. Germahn has appeared in the current storyline but the others, including Lisa and Alice, haven't.

    In there is a list of plot threads. Of those the following have been resolved or at least had substantial progress:

    • Second Life: Ellen's second life dreams were explained in Grace's Birthday Party part 3
    • Outting: Grace…
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    The characters are listed by latest appearance. If their latest appearances are the same they are ranked by second latest appearances, if those are the same too they are listed by third latest appearances and so on. This list is inspired by the option to sort Ookii's list by last appearance Compare Character Appearances.

    1. Diane: 2020-07-01, 2020-06-29, 2020-06-26, 2020-06-24, 2020-06-22, 2020-06-19, 2020-06-17, 2020-06-15
    2. Grace: 2020-07-01, 2020-06-29, 2020-06-26, 2020-06-24, 2020-06-22, 2020-06-19, 2020-06-17, 2020-06-11
    3. Susan: 2020-07-01, 2020-06-29, 2020-06-26, 2020-06-24, 2020-06-22, 2020-06-17
    4. Elliot: 2020-07-01, 2020-06-29, 2020-06-26, 2020-06-22, 2020-06-19, 2020-06-17, 2020-06-15
    5. Ashley: 2020-07-01, 2020-06-29, 2020-06-26, 2020-06-22, 20…
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    When I read tweets about plans for EGS I want to eventually kow what they are referring to. Here is a list of such tweets. I have a separate list for tweets about upcoming EGS:NP storylines. Tweets not by Dan are in italics.

    • Some readers really like Ashley, some readers really don't. Part of it is because she's so nice. Huh. You know, there's another really nice character... Yeah, I'm looking forward to Ashley meeting Grace. I can understand not liking that Ashley is dating Elliot and not Susan, but Susan's got enough on her plate. Besides, it's socially acceptable for them to share Elliot, right? *Crickets chirping* I SAID... Part of the deal with Elliot and Ashley is they enable each other's over the top do-gooderness. There are pros and …
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    In the time I've been reading EGS (and especially Daniel Elliot Shive's twitter accounts) he has announced the following EGSNP storylines (this list does not include storylines that started soon after they were announced):

    1. Grace playing a Skyrim-like video game (announced late 2016)
    2. A storyline about Nanase and Akiko (announced late 2016)
    3. A sequel to Escape From The Mall starring Kitty and Felix (announced March 8, 2017)
    4. A detective story starring Elijah (announced early 2017)
    5. Goonmanji 2 (announced April 28, 2017 or earlier depending on how you count)
    6. A transformation-heavy storyline after Goonmanji 2 (announced May 2017). This probably didn't refer to Ellen Demo which was said to be the result of a sudden decision.
    7. A storyline with male form fa…
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