Wikia seem to be trying to phase their new Portable Infobox syntax in. And it certainly (for simple cases like Template:Charbox) makes it much easier to maintain infobox templates, now we have dedicated markup rather than a tangled mess of template transclusions trying to avoid missing or extraneous newlines to avoid breaking the table syntax.

Accordingly, I have phased the new syntax into the infoboxes on this site, with varying degrees of kludgery.

The syntax is in many ways beautiful (look at the current source code of {{Charbox}} compared to what it looked like before today and you'll see what I mean).

However, the actual styling of the infoboxes is, in my opinion, inferior to what was there before. Hence I've written some user CSS, partially derived from the now-obsolete {{Infobox-top}} (and ultimately from older versions of {{Comics}} by Thorenn) to format the infoboxes more-or-less how they were before. You may feel free to copy this CSS to your own wikia.css and/or monobook.css if you are interested, and interested admins may feel free to copy this to the site CSS if they deem this appropriate.

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