It would probably be big surprise to everyone when I say I like El Goonish Shive comics. I'm also active on it's forum.

When I found out how big holes are in this wiki, I decided to help at least a little. And by "little" I mean "hey, I can became fifth best contributor THIS easy? WHOA". (It only required 260 points at that time.)

I have some experience from classical wikipedia, but I've got some problems with WP:NOR and it was costing me too much time anyway ... this cost me less and most of that time is actual editing and not arguing with someone if something is good enough to stay on wiki.

Also, I'm already making some notes about EGS. If I make them here, it would be less likely to get lost.

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... actually, it might be better to use global shiveapedia TODO list

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... because the "My favorite wikis" is very limited ... not that I'm so much active of them, I just don't want to lose this list :)

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