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Uryuom outfits

Uryuom outfit, Uryuom worker's outfit or Uryuom clothing is special clothing used by Uryuom. Native Uryuoms don't use clothing normally, but they may need it for preserving body warmth or as protective clothing. Due to their frequent use of shape-changing abilities, normal clothing wouldn't work well. Therefore, Uryuoms created strong protective clothing that would conform to any possible body shape ... including human.[1]

Used for group Edit

In Painted Black, Tedd equipped whole rescue group (Grace, Nanase and Ellen) with Uryuom outfit,[1] commenting that his dad get them through his work. Grace commented that they feel like underwear and Ellen that it's almost sensual ... which made Nanase blushing. Susan mentioned they will look better on Justin.

Used for Grace Edit

While noone else ever used them again, Grace was allowed by Edward to use one for her martial arts training - with comments that if anyone asks, she should say she's cosplaying as an OC from her DC superhero FF (which confused her a lot - she probably doesn't know what's cosplaying at that point, much less that the sequence of letters meant Original Character from her DC Comics superhero fan fiction).[2]

She then used it in her "Shade Tail" superhero appearance in New and Old Flames 6[3] and later again in Family Tree,[4] but not in Death Sentence 5.[5]

She also suggested she could use it for her interview in Nepotism, but Tedd told her it would be bad idea[6] despite he would obviously want to see that.

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