In the world of EGS, Magic describes several types of energy. Together, they form the official explanation for all the odd things that occur throughout the story, especially the ubiquitous gender-bending and other forms of body transformation.

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Uryuom Magic Edit

One form of magic energy is used instinctively by Uryuoms and chimeras. Uryuom-created tools (such as the item in which the technology behind the TF gun can be found) use this as well. These, however, are not "magic", but (according to Mr. Verres) "use energy that is classified as a type of magic", a statement which has not been fully explained as of yet.[1] Dan has dubbed this "Uryuom power", and contrasted this to "magic power".[2]

Uryuom power has been used almost exclusively for transformations. Uryuoms themselves have the ability to modify their bodies in certain ways; chimeras can assume the forms of any of their parents and some combinations thereof. Chimera transformations, however, are painful without genetic modification to specifically counteract this (something that Grace has)[3] ... until they are corrected with Cosmetic Morphing Devices (like the TF gun).[4]

The Transformation Gun is the only known example of a tool that harnesses Uryuom power. When used on Uryuoms and greater chimeras, it allows them to assume the forms bestowed by it. It is uncertain how the innate abilities of the Uryuom race are translated into machine abilities, which can then be modified and empowered by non-magic users, as Tedd has done with the TF gun.

Telekinesis Grace is using on objects[5][6] or herself (as levitation)[7] is probably using the same type of energy. It is not known if other Uryuoms or chimeras can also use it, although Vlad apparently used magic for flying.[8][9]

Grace's intrinsic Uryuom power takes precedence over magic power: she would need to learn to suppress her Uryuom power in order to harness magic power, and even then it would not be straightforward.[2]


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