Lot of characters have entry on Minor characters page, then are moved to own separate page. This is a guide how to do the switch.

Removal from minor character page Edit

For technical reason, you need to remove the entry from minor character page first and noting the revision number where it was done. Prepare the first edit in another tab and make it as soon as possible after this one: it shouldn't take you more than minute.

In same edit, remove the link to the entry from manual table of content and add link to the new page to Characters formerly listed there section.

First edit Edit

For license reasons, first edit should consist solely from copying the EXACT content of minor character entry accompanied by Template:FromMinor with the revision number from previous step.

Second edit Edit

In second edit, change the structure to match the format of character pages: add the Template:Charbox infobox, move quote to separate section, add gallery, create separate section for references.

Add categories.

In same step, you can and actually should add more content.

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