The Hammers are a set of magical hammers which, until EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-04-19, could be summoned through the power of an artifact created by Jerry, a then young (about 75 years old, and thus radically immature) immortal.[1] Any woman could summon one or more hammers whenever someone said or did something that was offensive towards her or women in general (although it worked with Tedd once[2]). Apparently, women needed to be taught to use the hammers (or at least taught how to use them on men and not just summon them). Elliot was able to summon them intuitively[3] - possibly because his magical training and the fact he knew about them. The reason why Gillian was able to summon them[4] though is a mystery (or rule of cool overriding usual rules), especially considering she didn't even know what they were and the fact uryuoms normally can't use human magic. Possibly they didn't count as human magic due to being powered by an Immortal-made artifact.

Jerry stopped powering the artifact in preparation for his death.[5]

Sarah was the first character to use these in the comic.[6] Susan was later revealed to have taught her how to use them;[7] she in turn learned the technique from the French Immortals on her trip to France with Nanase. She is the most proficient with the hammers, being able to use three of them at the same time while carrying a lunch tray[8] and earning the nickname Hammer Queen.[9] Since then, they have been used by Elliot (while in Female Variant 5 form),[3] Amanda,[10] and Gillian (while in human form).[4]

Meanwhile, Catalina was specifically not taught.[11]

The Hammers' intent, according to Jerry, was to encourage inappropriate comments from men by providing women with a tangible but ultimately harmless counterattack.[12] As such, the hammers cause a painful, stunning blow, but do not cause any lasting damage; meaning men wouldn't feel like they were going unpunished for their comments and women wouldn't feel degraded by them since they had a counterattack.

Despite being designed to be harmless, the Hammers can significantly slow some monsters down, which is why the French Immortals taught Susan and Nanase about their use when preparing them to fight the monster in France.[13]

The hammers do not work against women. Jerry never explicitly explains why this is, nor do the characters speculate.

Susan regained the ability to use the hammers when she awakened due to her anger at Jerry for his reasons for creating them. Now, however, they are her own spell and she can use them however she sees fit.[14]

Hammer versus Mallet[edit | edit source]

Note that while the name hammer refers to general established notice of hammerspace[15] and general usage in fantasy[16], from the perspective of weapon enthusiastic, the correct term would be mallet.[17]

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