The Pompoms family consists mainly of Susan and her mother, Mrs. Pompoms.

Susan PompomsEdit

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Tiffany Susan Pompoms was initially introduced as a feminist friend of Sarah. She has since developed friendships with all other major characters, and is attracted to Elliot (and was also attracted Justin when they were both gender switched at Grace's birthday party). She was scarred by seeing her father's affair with a blonde woman and her parents' subsequent divorce at an early age. As a reaction to this, she coloured her hair dark blue, and uses her middle name whenever possible. As a result of her Awakening, Susan now has permanently dyed blue hair and can summon hammers to use on anybody for any reason.

Mrs. PompomsEdit

"Fine, He can stay. Maybe his homosexuality will rub off on you, and you'll find yourself a decent woman."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-06-27

Mrs. Pompoms is the mother of Susan. After her husband cheated on her with another woman while she was visiting her injured sister,[1][2] she divorced him and became cynical towards all men. She has done her best to instill this attitude in her daughter as well;[3] in fact, she has been quoted in wishing that Susan would become a lesbian.[4]

Judging by how she insisted her daughter will get to go on the trip to France, she doesn't let rules limit her.[5]

Due to the fact she first appeared in story with glass in hand,[6] fans often assume she has problem with alcohol and it has been alluded to that she may be an alcoholic in fan-fiction. However, Dan has yet to confirm this: it might've been just coincidence.

Mr. PompomsEdit

"Your mother is coming home tomorrow, and you mustn't tell her about this, understand?"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2007-02-26

Mr. Pompoms is the father of Susan. He cheated on his wife with a blonde woman and tried to convince Susan not to tell his wife.[7] After he was caught (a young Susan told her mother when she got home[8]), they divorced and he left the house. Susan hates him so much that she initially distrusted all men, and can no longer remember his face.

Also, Susan hates being called Tiffany at least partially because Tiffany (her first name) was chosen by her father, while Susan (her middle name) was chosen by her mother.[9]


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