Tedd's Gauntlet, sometimes also called a glove but certainly distinct from Tedd's Glove,[1] is a magical gauntlet which Tedd is preparing for dangerous situations.

History Edit

Lord Tedd has a gauntlet[2] and Tedd could see it on a screenshot Grace stored on his computer[3] (presumably, he see it better than we do, as it's hard to realize it's a gauntlet).

Tedd later dreams about changing into Lord Tedd including the gauntlet in Sleepy Time.[4]

Then in One Way Road we see that Tedd build one.[5]

There be Whales Here Edit

The gauntlet features prominently in Tedd's meeting with the Whale in There be Whales Here Pt 3 (story line):[6] After constant feeling of being watched, he decided to test the hypothesis that he is really watched by something which resist magic and is normally undetectable but he can sense it because there's something special about him.

As explained, the gauntlet have two modes: in peace mode, it drains a bit of Tedd's magic energy and stores it. Tedd's magic keep regenerating, so the gauntlet accumulate more energy than Tedd normally has. In battle mode, it gives it back, boosting Tedd's abilities.

It worked and it really allowed Tedd to see the whale. It's size prompted Tedd to clarify that the battle mode is just name and doesn't necessarily imply he wants to fight.[7]

Other Edit

The gauntlet also appears in colored sketchbook image[8] based on a panel from when he used it to communicate with the whale.[6]

Reference Edit

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