Tedd Drew Verres is one of the main protagonists of the story and Elliot's best friend. Although (usually) of male sex, Tedd is androgynous in appearance. On account of this, Tedd started wearing special glasses obtained from Mr. Verres (Tedd's dad) so the bullies (e.g. Tony) would be powerless. It didn't work. Tedd met Elliot on the playground, with Elliot defending Tedd against said bullies (Elliot initially identified Tedd as a girl).

After his parent's divorce, Tedd withdrew into himself so much that Nanase thought Tedd was mute.[11] Elliot also commented that Tedd used to mumble a lot, and Tedd's father commented at the time that Tedd barely speaks.[12] When eavesdropping Uryuoms William and Gillian talking with his father, Tedd's loud and enthusiastic offer to help[13] was so surprising that his father decided that the risks of the Transformation Gun were worth the boost of self-confidence it might give him. Tedd agreed to program the Uryuoms' transformation gun to transform them completely so that they would better fit in, and working with the gun indeed helped him.[14] Another big change in Tedd's personality was caused by getting to know Grace.

On account of the teasing resulting from looking androgynous (which often took the form of people accusing Tedd of being gay), Tedd has some issues with the possibility of men being attracted to him (even when one of those men is Grace in a male form).

Tedd has been confirmed to be genderfluid,[15] and Dan has said he should be referred to by the pronouns matching his form,[16] although masculine pronouns will suffice for speaking about Tedd in general.[17]


El Goonish ShiveEdit

Tedd was the apparent creator of the original goo which escaped from an average science project. Tedd futilely attempted to use the (broken) sprinkler system to dilute the Goo, following which Elliot successfully destroyed it.

Tedd, with Sarah, responded to Elliot's movie invitation. Back home, Tedd invited Grace inside. Tedd invited only Elliot and Sarah over to help the next day, per his father's instructions, and explained how he met Grace, following which Sarah disguised Grace and took her to the mall.

After seeing Grace's half-squirrel form, both Elliot and Sarah blamed Tedd until Tedd's father explained about Project Lycanthrope. Tedd helped his father and Elliot find documents about Grace, and considered putting the Area 51 fact sheets online.

After Elliot and Sarah had left, Tedd was about to follow but Grace stopped him with a tail hug. The next day at school, Tedd revealed to Elliot that he had slept on the couch the previous night (presumably with Grace) and overslept due to the absence of an alarm clock.

When Tedd got home, he was greeted with a pounce by half-squirrel Grace, which confirmed his suspicions that she liked him. Tedd and Grace spoke about Grace's desire to got to school once her brothers were neutralized, and Elliot's actions toward Sarah in the context of their relationship.

Tedd resisted Grace's idea of attempting to reduce Grace's brothers' ability using the TF Gun and testing this on Grace, but Grace went ahead with it anyway. When Grace asked Tedd to turn her back with the TF gun, Tedd refused on the grounds that he (accurately) believed that she could do it if she concentrated hard enough. When asked, Tedd indicated that the best combat form in the TF gun was Jeremy's. After the Jeremy form's spines tore Grace's shirt, Tedd resisted the urge to watch Grace change shirts, and gave in only after she had finished, following which Tedd decided to have fun with Grace's cat form using catnip. Tedd and Grace later showed footage of this to Sarah.

That night, Tedd was awoken by Grace, who was experiencing a nightmare, and checked on her without his glasses. Tedd, lying by Grace's side per her request, explained why he wore the glasses and how that had led to him meeting Elliot, but did not go into detail on that point.

Upon awakening, Tedd found himself still in Grace's bed and quickly dashed to the bathroom, denying that he had again been sleeping with Grace as his father suspected; his father apparently believed this.


Tedd's father went away on business for a few days, telling Tedd not to fool around with Grace but admitting that Grace couldn't get pregnant while transformed.

During lunch at Moperville North, Tedd revealed to Sarah that Elliot had called him from home and had told him his situation. Either Elliot didn't mention the girls' names or Tedd just didn't pay much attention, since Tedd related that Elliot had "broke up with some chick" and that he was angsting over how to patch things up with "this other girl he truly loves", unaware that Sarah was the latter of the girls Elliot had been talking about, or that the former was his cousin.

Tedd explained to the principal that the goo from the Goo storyline wasn't brought to life by his own actions.

In response to Tony mocking Tedd's drawing of Grace during art class, Tedd had considered the revenge of turning Tony into a girl. After school, Tedd applied a female transform using the gun, ostensibly in preparation for its use on Tony, upon which the gun became stuck on safety and therefore wouldn't fire. Not wanting Grace to see her female, Tedd interrupted Elliot (who was attempting to call Sarah), intending to fix the TF Gun at Elliot's house. Before fixing the gun, Tedd used the record feature in her glasses whilst performing a strip dance in front of the bathroom mirror for her later personal viewing.

After Elliot accidentally made a crack at Tedd's androgynous appearance after he had reversed the female transform, Tedd became suddenly angry (attributing this to the sudden testosterone rush, but uncertain) and zapped Elliot with the gun, applying the Female Variant 5 (FV5) form to Elliot and causing the gun to break down, upon which Tedd revealed the auto-reversal time on this form was a month, which would take as long as it would to get new parts for the gun.

Sarah soon arrived, learned of the situation and was confused as to still being attracted physically to Elliot. Tedd explained that the Female Variant Five form entailed the possession of enhanced pheromones that attracted anyone save blood relatives, as well as the form making its user's orientation bisexual. Elliot started to object, but stopped himself when Tedd took off his glasses and insisted that they never speak of it again (it was later commented that being attracted to Tedd probably wasn't the best test of whether Elliot was attraction to men). Tedd returned home to try and find a faster solution. Later, Grace confronted Tedd about the video he recorded of his strip dance which was streamed directly to his computer and popped up while she was playing a game.

Tedd had concluded that Elliot would not be going to school, only to have him appear as a new transfer student called "Ellen". Elliot introduced himself to Tedd as "Ellen" but was interrupted by Tony who called Tedd a dweeb and male Elliot a demon while flirting with "Ellen". Elliot responded by hitting him with a Hammer. Elliot explained that he worked out a deal with the principal so that he could keep getting credit and that the teachers would support his story. Elliot said this proves that teachers really care about their students, but a teacher within earshot laughed at this thought. While walking to the cafeteria, Elliot sensed a powerful force but got angry at Tedd when he said it might be PMS. At lunch, Tedd went to the library to research a solution to Elliot problem and told Elliot to go sit with Sarah and Susan.

Tedd called Elliot and told him that Grace had come up with a solution for his female troubles in-between learning Japanese and advanced calculus. While talking to Elliot, Tedd heard an echo and correctly deduced that Elliot was posing in his bathroom mirror, which Elliot denied. When Elliot arrived he was nervous that Tedd wasn't wearing his glasses and really scared when he saw Grace was playing with their functions. After avoid Tedd's question about the girl's locker room, Elliot grabbed the glasses from Grace's face and stuck them on Tedd's not knowing that the X-ray feature was on. Grace then told Elliot her plan for getting him back to normal and initially he was skeptical of it. Elliot then expressed his skepticism to Tedd and Tedd assumed he was worried that magic wouldn't work. Elliot told him that was not his issue with the plan and gave Nanase as an example of a magic user. When Elliot brought her up, Tedd revealed that she was his (Tedd's) cousin. Elliot briefly panicked before realizing he made out with Tedd's cousin and not his own. Elliot was still unconvinced he should go through with Grace's plan until she reminded him of the threat of experiencing PMS. Tedd was nervous about leaving Grace alone at night because of the threat of her "brothers" but relented when she said they did not know where she was. Elliot went home to prepare and set up the cover story that he was sleeping over at Tedd's house. Elliot decided to take a nap in the car until they got to their destination. When Tedd expressed worry over leaving Grace alone Elliot said he got Greg to keep an eye on Grace for him.

When Elliot and Tedd arrived at the PTTAOLUTASF, Elliot was forced to sneak in through an open window while Tedd only had to show the guard his ID. After reaching the second floor they found the diamond laying on a pedestal in the open. After touching it Elliot was split into two people, creating Ellen. Elliot and Tedd were shocked to see her while Ellen was confused. Once Tedd explained that the diamond "separates" the curse, he explained that Ellen was the manifestation of Female Variant #5 which scared Ellen because she was convinced that meant she was going to die. The stress and fear caused Ellen to think of herself as Elliot's evil twin. Tedd tried to stop Elliot and Ellen from leaping to conclusions while Elliot tried to calm Ellen down by pointing out that she couldn't be his evil twin because they weren't even the same gender, Ellen said all she had to do was get home first and do things that he would get blamed for later. Elliot tried to say he had the keys, but Ellen points out that everything he had was duplicated otherwise she would have been nude. Elliot tried to block her but Ellen went for the window, only to be stopped by Elliot grabbing her. Ellen escaped his grip and the two prepared to fight. Ellen told Elliot to move but when he refused she tricked him into look behind himself and attacked, Elliot flipped her but accidentally threw her out of the window, which lacked glass. Elliot prepared to go after her but was knocked out by the security guard.

When he woke up Tedd found himself in a holding cell with Elliot. Tedd explained that he managed to get a copy of the wizard who created the Dewitchery Diamond's journal which explained that Ellen was not going to die. Tedd explained that the original purpose of the diamond was to cure a noble of lycanthropy but resulted in the creation of a werewolf, which remained in wolf form all the time, and which being freed from the human body went on a rampage. After reading that Elliot and Tedd tried to figure out how Ellen was going to get back to Moperville since Elliot slept most of the way there not considering the Ellen could ask for directions. When Elliot practiced pretending to be a sick prisoner, Tedd told him it would not work for them. However the security guard told them that they were to go, to which Tedd expressed mock impression at Elliot's acting. While they both tried to figure out how to get home, Elliot asked for Tedd's belt, Tedd told him that it would hurt and Elliot accepted this, pressed a button on the buckle and turned into a cat-boy. After the pain passed Elliot took Tedd's glasses and prepared to carry Tedd and run back to Moperville. After a while, Elliot and Tedd tried to hitchhike back home, since Elliot could no longer carry Tedd. Elliot wanted to change back but Tedd said it was too dangerous and they just need to risk a ride. A car pulled over and the driver was Hedge.

Elliot and Tedd turned up at the school with Elliot in his cat form and Sarah was mad at Tedd until Elliot explained that his current form was his own doing. Meanwhile, Tedd was tackle glomped by Grace. Elliot wanted to know what had happened, but Sarah insisted he went first, so Elliot explained about what happened to himself and Tedd and that Hedge was looking for Grace. Mr. Verres turned up and told everyone who he was and that a clean-up crew was coming, so they should relocate to his house to talk things over. After seeing Ellen and Elliot he asked who the duplicate was and Elliot said they didn't know. Elliot impressed everyone by standing up for Ellen but Ellen insisted that she was the duplicate so they should just lock her up. Mr. Verres said he didn't intend to. Mr. Verres explained that his job was to "cover up" how Ellen was created and that he would have to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Dunkel about it. Nanase asked Justin to go to his house to get cleaned up and Mr. Verres noticing her revealed to the group that he was her uncle. Elliot, Ellen and Susan were driven to the Verres residence by Sarah while Mr. Verres drove Tedd and Grace. Justin drove Nanase to his house where she took a shower. At the Verres residence Grace showed Tedd, Elliot and Mr. Verres a screenshot of Lord Tedd and Mr. Verres remarked that "Grace didn't die in that dimension" which spooked Grace and startled Tedd and Elliot.

After Mr. Verres told them how Tedd could have avoided this whole situation, Elliot and Ellen got angry at Tedd. After verifying her beam's effects on the TF gun testing machine Ellen zapped Tedd. Grace expressed her continued attraction to Tedd despite him being female. Justin noticed a note on the fridge and he, Nanase and Sarah attempted to decipher its illegible handwriting. When Mr. Verres came up and explained the note, Elliot had to restrain Ellen from hurting Tedd. Tedd took the note and gave his own interpretation of its content and Ellen tried reading it before she understood that Tedd could not have realized its true content.

New and Old FriendsEdit

When Tedd came home one day, he found Grace and Ellen who had him guess which of them was the real Grace after Ellen zapped herself into Grace's Claire form. He quickly deduced who was who had a photo shoot with Ellen and Grace.

Tedd set out a bird feeder to gain useful insights on avians, only to encounter squirrels feeding from it. After Elliot struck down Tedd's idea of scaring them off with a baseball bat, Grace worked out a deal with them to get separate food. The squirrels disliked the food and demanded a statue as an apology. Tedd provided, only for them to call for a manlier statue with shrubbery. Tedd compared the whole thing to a Monty Python sketch and settled for setting out more bird food.

Lunchtime at Moperville High rolled around and Elliot and Sarah decided to sit together for a change. Tedd and Susan insisted on sitting next to their respective friends and all four wound up together. Elliot suggested a group bonding activity of sharing some personal information and went first revealing he used to pick fights with bullies and quit around junior high, save for one freshman year to help Justin (though he's not mentioned by name). Sarah went next and admitted she drew comic strips that included a vaguely familiar squirrel character named Dan. Tedd went next and admitted his glasses are merely for boosting his self-esteem but have special features. Susan tried out each feature in turn until she came to a blank one which prompted Tedd to explain and defend his removal and non-use of the x-ray feature. Susan finally went and admitted not only that she was actually a natural blonde, but her full name is really Tiffany Susan Pompoms and that the hair dyeing and the practice of going by Susan are to avoid association with her divorced father, who cheated with a young blonde and picked Susan's first name. This point brought Tedd to relate that his own mother was divorced and lived in Europe, bringing the two to a truce of sorts, exemplified when Susan used one of her hammers (actually breaking the hammer handle) to whack a bully who shoved Tedd.

Night OutEdit

using the clone form technology, Tedd and Grace switched forms before Sarah and Elliot arrived and took them to the movies. When Elliot and Sarah rang the doorbell, Grace wasn't worried about being in Tedd's form so she convinced Tedd to let them in. When they went downstairs, Grace blasted Tedd with the Claire form. When Tedd tried to convince her that they should be in their natural forms, Grace pointed out that since Tedd was now in the Claire form, he would get to indulge in the fun of being a girl in public without anyone knowing it. This proved that Grace knew Tedd better than he did. Grace gave Tedd a new outfit that Ellen got her at "the promiscuous maiden" shop and told him to remember to act like Grace. While they were driving to the movie theatre, Grace asked what movie they would be seeing, unknown to her Tedd was the one who picked the movie. Since Grace was in Tedd's form she had to pretend that she was so overcome by Grace's cuteness that she forgot what the movie was which Tedd thought was clever.

When the gang arrived at the movie theatre, Grace had to go to the washroom. When Tedd heard that, he quickly made an excuse not to go in an effort to stop Grace from going in his form. When she insisted on going anyway Tedd yelled after her in Uryuomoco to "change back temporarily while using the restroom" While Tedd waited for Grace to return he suddenly realized he never taught her Uryuomoco and that there were no books on it. When Grace met up with Tedd she told him about her encounter with Tony. Tedd was initially worried but that turned into shock when Grace expressed her theory that Tony was attracted to him. When they were watching the movie, Tedd thought about what a great night he was having with Grace and made a mental note to change back before he got carried away with her. After the movie, Tedd indirectly expressed his sadness at not visiting the ladies room as part of a group. Sarah said she needed to freshen up and invited Tedd to join her. When they got there Tedd was initially excited but was let down when it did not meet his expectation. Sarah stood in the ladies room for a while with Tedd before deciding to leave. Tedd called her out on it and Sarah explained her inexperience with this sort of thing and why she couldn't demonstrate it for Tedd. Tedd accepted her explanation in such a way to make Sarah doubt he was in fact Tedd but Tedd confirmed it was him with his next remark. When Tedd and Sarah got home, Grace asked Tedd about being female in public and Tedd responded that it was her presence that made it great. In expressing that opinion Tedd used a figure of speech that Grace didn't understand. When she asked about it, Tedd said he would explain it later after he zapped back to normal.

The Morning AfterEdit

The morning after Night Out, Tedd woke up to find Grace had snuck into his bed and Elliot had arrived. When Tedd told Elliot about Grace's behavior he was skeptical that Tedd didn't notice until he woke up until Elliot found Grace had managed to cozy up to him and was sleeping there throughout their conversation. Just then the doorbell rang and since Grace couldn't be seen in her half squirrel form Tedd had Elliot carry her to the basement while he answered the door. When he opened the door he found William and Gillian standing there. At first they did not recognize him because he was not wearing his glasses. After he got them they recognized him but did not make the connection to his appearance with out them. Tedd demonstrated to the uryuoms that his identity did not change when he was not wearing his glasses. Tedd also revealed that he had made lots of progress on his project for the aliens and it could be ready for them shortly.

Tedd then quickly dashed to the basement passing Elliot who told him that Grace was staying there and who was told in turn to keep the uryuoms company. As Tedd was walking downstairs he spotted Grace trying out legion forms. When she assumed a Tedd/Grace form, Tedd was rendered almost speechless. As Grace looked at Will's and Gill's pictures she was reminded of Mr. Guyur who taught her Uryuomoco.

Tedd came back upstairs and told Will and Gill that their human forms were ready. While discussing their egg and the baby carriage they carried it in they realized they forgot human sized clothes. Tedd then introduced Grace as Claire and Will revealed his shyness at being naked. Grace offered to also be naked but Will said that would be more awkward.

After Tedd used the gun to give them human forms he gave the uryuoms towels. Feeling human emotions for the first time Will expressed an interest in seeing Grace in her Claire form naked and Gill was able to summon a hammer though she did not know its origin or purpose. After transforming back, they thanked Tedd for giving them the human forms and explained about uryuom gender and childhood. After the uryuoms said their goodbyes and left, Tedd told Elliot he got to see human Gill naked to which Elliot was not impressed.

In Tedd's room, Grace told Tedd about what his father said and Tedd said it couldn't be that bad or else he wouldn't have left. He said that there was nothing outside the ordinary to worry about, defining ordinary as events like what took place during Sister.

A few hours later, Tedd learned that Elliot was going on a walking date at the park with Sarah. Upon hearing that Elliot found the setting of the sun romantic, Tedd called him more feminine than Sarah.

Painted BlackEdit

When Sarah, Ellen, Susan, Justin and Nanase all arrived at Tedd’s house, Sarah asked Tedd where Grace was and stormed in on her to confront her and get information, only to be disarmed by random nudity, as Grace was going to give back her clothes in preparation to leave on her own. When Grace identified The Nest as her birthplace Tedd said the address to it was among the records they had dug up when she first arrived. While the group argued and tried to come up with a plan to rescue Elliot, Tedd suggested waiting for his father and Grace suggested going in by herself, trading herself for Elliot, in an attempt to protect her friends from Damien.

Ellen and Grace argued about who would go to rescue Elliot, while Tedd was tried to get them to wait for his father. Justin complained about being left out and inadvertently outed himself to Sarah and Tedd. However, when Grace mentioned that Damien had hit her, Tedd got rather angry and decided to help them go rescue Elliot. He gave Grace, Nanase, and Ellen some Uryuom workers uniforms (which were flexible to accommodate transformation yet protective) and radio watches (which were apparently invented by Dr. Germahn).

When they arrived near The Nest, Ellen checked in with Tedd to see if he had got in contact with his father but he said no. Tedd said Ellen needed to stay behind to keep Nanase's body warm which he found gross. When asked why he found it that way he called Nanase his ugly cousin which angered Nanase and she created a fairy doll connected with Tedd in order to hit him for his insult.

When Mr. Verres reported that everyone was okay after Damien was defeated Sarah and Tedd hugged each other with tears in their eyes. When Elliot and Grace arrived back Tedd rushed over and hugged them while crying, Sarah came over and hugged them as well. That night Tedd and Grace fell asleep on the couch but Mr. Verres did not disturb them.

Shadows After DarkEdit

Tedd had a dream that began all black with Tedd alone and feeling short. Suddenly a grave was revealed to him, his right arm gained a black glove up to his upper arm and he gained a cape. All the while he aged from young child to adult. Then a shadowy figure appeared before him, speaking in Uryuomoco (translating to "It is time for the end of man. This master of fire shall inherit the earth. My very presence eats away at your flesh.") as the black glove turned into a substance tar-like in appearance then into a gauntlet which he then fired a blast from. All the while Tedd's appearance changed to that of Lord Tedd. Then Tedd woke up with a fright, looked at Grace and lay awake looking worried.

The next day at school, Tedd and Elliot discussed Ellen's actions post-Second-Life-dream toward Tedd. They also discussed Nanase and Grace's time spent reflecting of their revelations of being lesbian and being created to kill Damien respectively. When Tedd questioned Nanase's introspectiveness Elliot recalled that Nanase told him about it but decided not to tell Tedd.

When Tedd unintentionally provoked Susan with what he saw as friendly teasing, they got in a slap fight that was broken up by the principal. When he learned that fight started because of the shirt he got an idea and ran away in a flurry of activity. After Tedd expressed relief at not being in trouble, Susan said they were "at least out of the frying pan...". After Tedd revealed that he thought their friendship is based on teasing Susan revealed indirectly that she had been dwelling on her dream. After hearing this, Tedd pledged to support her for at least for the time being and she accepted this pledge of support.

Before The PartyEdit

At Tedd's house Grace came to Tedd's bedroom at night and expressed doubts that everyone would accept the theme of her party. Tedd, meanwhile had doubts about his attraction to Grace during and post-party but did not voice them.

The next day at school, Tedd indirectly expressed his dread at telling Elliot, Sarah and Susan the theme for the party. When he finally told them at lunch, they were stunned and Susan accused him of coming up with the idea. Tedd explained why Ellen was excluded from transformation and laid the onus for the party happening on Elliot's attendance. Elliot in turn laid it on Sarah who promptly agreed. She then gave her reasons and Elliot was forced to agree as well. Just then Susan started to object but before she could say no she had a mental debate between her logic and curiosity (in the style of the angel and devil on one's shoulders) which concluded in both sides agreeing she should go. Therefore, she conceded and said she would go to the confusion of Tedd who obviously did not see her thought process. Tedd then revealed the clothing swap aspect of the party.

Later, Tedd expressed his theories about the nature of Grace being a guy to Elliot. He then told Elliot that Grace was bisexual. Elliot disagreed and said that she was attracted to him no matter what his form was. Tedd then questioned Elliot's resistance to the party and Elliot said "Because it sounds like one big awkward moment." They then discussed the apparent effects of the TF Gun during the Sister story arc and realized the cause of the effects were a mystery.

After school Tedd reflected on his view of Grace as a guy and came to the disturbing revelation that he was a narcissist or just that girly. When he got home he initially thought Grace was not going to greet him at the door when she pounced while in a cat form. Grace explained she used the TF Gun to turn herself into a half cat but Tedd explained she could not turn back to normal without using her abilities.

Tedd met with Sarah, Elliot and Susan at an assembly. They soon discovered the purpose of the assembly was to announce the implementation of a mandatory dress code and that decision was made a result of Tedd and Susan's actions during the Red Alert storyline. Matt Cohen described the time frame in which the uniforms would be given out and their appearance, the latter aided by fellow student council members. When he mentioned questions about the dress code, Susan spoke out against it. Principal Verrückt tried to give rationales for the dress code but Susan was undaunted. Sarah expressed worry about looking good in a uniform. When Elliot tried to reassure her, she decided that she would have Elliot wear the girls uniform to the party.

The next day, Tony complained to his friend about the resistance to the uniforms. When Tedd walked by he made it a point to tease him about wearing the girls uniform. Tony's friend tried to defend Tedd telling Tony that he shouldn't make fun of gays because it isn't politically correct but only succeeded in implying that Tedd was gay. Meanwhile in the school gym, Susan attempted to get a guy uniform for herself. TC who was manning the table said he was not allowed to accept girl vouchers for guy uniforms and sent her on her way. As Susan was leaving she noticed Tedd had gone to the girls uniform line up and attempted to get girl uniforms for Grace since he already had clothes that fit the dress code. This gave Susan an idea on how to capitalize on the situation by swapping uniforms with Tedd.

Grace woke up Tedd and he was surprised to see her in her squirrel form. She told him that she was not yet totally bubbly but that the party would help with that. When Tedd asked about her being bubbly she said it suited her once and will suit her again. Grace then assumed her Jeremy form as she pet Jeremy. Tedd reflected on Grace being back to her old self but then realized she was depending on the party to fully feel better and decided to make sure that the party went as well as possible for her sake.

Grace's Birthday PartyEdit

Tedd was in the kitchen making Grace a birthday cake when Elliot came to check on Tedd and found her in female form, which Tedd claimed made her a better cook because she was hot. After Tedd finished the cake, she invited Ellen and Elliot to come downstairs with her and drop off their party clothes. Downstairs, Tedd explained how the transformation booth would work. Ellen suggested that she should just zap everyone with her beam but Elliot pointed out that her beam would not change the girls into guys.

After Ellen had fainted and awoken, Elliot told her that she passed out because she skipped breakfast. When Ellen asked why Tedd was a girl, Elliot said that she was Tedd, which Ellen accepted. Tedd asked why Elliot didn't tell the truth and Elliot explained that if he had told the truth Ellen would have been worried, which would have made Grace worried, which would have put a damper on the party.

Later that day (by which point Tedd was again in his typical male form), Susan and Sarah arrived while Elliot and Tedd were downstairs promising not to make fun of each other. Grace was relieved that Sarah wasn't mad at her anymore, and Sarah explained that she had just been mad that Elliot had been kidnapped. Grace was glad that she and Sarah were still friends and kissed her, taking the term "kiss and make up" literally, which was what Tedd intended.

Tedd was worried that Justin would find him more attractive when he was a woman, but Justin pointed out he was attracted to manliness, not Tedd.

In the dining room, after Grace had opened and received presents from the others, Tedd revealed his multiple presents for Grace including nuts, chocolate, stuffed animal toys, and an encyclopedia (following which he had run out of money).[18] When Grace saw them all, she was overcome with emotion and kissed Tedd.

Justin asked Tedd about one's orientation while switched and Tedd explained how it worked and why. He also explained the safety features of the gun and how it related to pregnancy. Tedd explained the setup of the transformations they would undergo and asked who wanted to go first. Justin volunteered and while Grace made adjustments to Justin's female form, Susan asked why V5 made woman bisexual. Tedd explained that the gun simply amplified lust to make the transition easier for guys. Hearing this, Nanase figured out why Susan had blonde hair during Night Out.

When Grace presented Justin to the others, he complained that his balance was off but Tedd said he was overcompensating. Justin fell backwards and into Elliot's arms. Elliot told Justin that he looked cute and Elliot and Tedd decided to go next so they could take an all-girl group photo. Sarah then revealed her camera by taking Justin's picture, startling him.

Tedd was mad when she and Elliot ended up wearing the same outfit and explained how she got it and why she wanted to be the only one wearing it. Elliot pointed out that two girls in school uniforms was better than one which convinced Tedd to go with it.

When Tedd asked about Ellen's outfit, Ellen told her Nanase picked it out. Elliot was about to explain the uniforms when he caught Justin staring at him. He started to question him but was interrupted by Justin's declaration of liking his hair. They moved the furniture to get setup to take the all-girl photo and Sarah asked Nanase to stand next to Ellen ostensibly because she had picked the outfit for her and they were planning to have the pairs that picked the outfits for each other stand together.

Susan said she would transform next and told Tedd about her journal. Tedd told her that her thoughts while a guy would be exaggerated for a couple hours because she was not used to changing her sex. Susan took it as Tedd making excuses for her usual sex. Later, when Elliot asked why she told Susan that, Tedd reminded him of his reaction to her male self without her glasses when he had his first experience being a girl during Sister to which Elliot reminded her that he requested they never speak of it again.

Grace announced Susan's arrival upstairs and everyone gathered to look at her. Sarah was stunned and Elliot agreed that Susan did look hot. Tedd questioned him but Elliot pointed out, because of his current sex and clothes, it was pointless to start worrying about his manly image now.

Nanase asked to transform next and Grace said she just needed to talk to Tedd alone. Tedd took this as a bad sign as she said "need" as opposed to "want". Grace talked to Tedd about what she had just learned from Susan and Tedd said that she was not aware of Grace's ignorance because of Grace telling her that there was nothing sexual about wearing just a trench coat. Grace told Tedd that she had not fully understood what was sexual about it until Tedd told her about flashers. Grace cried out that she had made Sarah think sexy thoughts about her. Tedd asked about the circumstances of that incident and Grace dropped that line of conversation. She said she thought nudity was circumstantial and Tedd reassured her that their friends probably understood that her intentions were not sexual in nature. Tedd expressed what she thought Grace thought of nudity and Grace realized that she agreed with that view of nudity.

Elliot noted almost everyone had been transformed and was excited at the prospect of everyone being transformed. Ellen said he was not one to get into parties and that he held back more than she did. Elliot disagreed and sought Tedd's support but Tedd had to side with Ellen. Ellen said she was more outgoing and less restraint then him and insulted Elliot. Elliot got angry and sought to prove Ellen wrong. Tedd tried to get him to take his shirt off but Ellen objected due to their physical similarity while Elliot was female. Just then Grace introduced male Nanase,[19] who Tedd thought was more ugly than before. Justin ran in to see Nanase but was surprised when he noticed Nanase's cockatoo-like hair. Everyone gathered in the hallway except Susan who was stuck under Jeremy. When it was pointed out she could just pick him up and bring him with her, she begrudgingly did so. Susan was surprised at Nanase's male physique and Nanase acted out an impulse to pick up Justin and carry him. When Justin pointed out she still had makeup on, Sarah took a picture of Justin pointing at Nanase's nose while in her arms.

Grace told Sarah that it was her turn to get transformed and Sarah expressed disbelief at this and tried to get out of going. When Elliot asked her if something was wrong, Sarah panickily denied being scared. Realizing she had just revealed that she was scared, Sarah summoned the demonic duck but did not run from the situation. When this was pointed out, Sarah said he distracted her too. When she was asked what she was scared of, Sarah replied that it was the process of being zapped by the TF gun that worried her and asked if anyone else felt the same way. Everyone responded that they didn't feel the same way. Tedd tried to reassure her but Sarah reminded Tedd of the time she (Tedd) turned her into a cat-girl. Nanase brought up the possibility of backing up Sarah's current form. Sarah was uneasy about Tedd having access to a Sarah clone form but when it was pointed out that Sarah herself could use it in the more distant future, Sarah decided to go through with it. Sarah threatened to cause physical harm to Tedd if she used her form for anything without her permission and Grace said that after Sarah finished they were going to order pizza.

Elliot said he would go sit on the sofa and Justin wondered if they would all fit leading them to make for the sofa. Tedd ended up on Elliot; Susan, hampered by Jeremy, came after. Justin was asking Tedd about how the TF gun had a tendency to create large body features, but was interrupted by male Sarah's arrival upstairs to Tedd's relief.

When Grace appeared everyone stared at her huge antennae. Nanase got hit in the face by one of Grace's antennae and told her she had just washed her face to remove her makeup since Tedd had put some on. Sarah asked Tedd about the makeup and Elliot told her how she changed a couple of times before Sarah got there.

Justin took pictures of Grace, Tedd, Sarah and Elliot and Jeremy finally got off Susan to her delight. Nanase asked Tedd about her outfit and learned of her deal with Susan over the uniforms. The pizza arrived and Tedd answered the door to find the delivery boy was a student of Moperville North. The delivery boy overheard Susan and Nanase arguing over skirts which led to Tedd making up an excuse to explain it and hurrying to complete the delivery to minimize the chance of being recognized. However, due to Nanase's hunger, they had ordered more than what the delivery boy could carry and Tedd had to open the door again to receive the rest of it. When Tedd brought the food into the kitchen she explained why she was angry with Nanase and why she was afraid of being recognized, inadvertently revealing her middle name. Sarah recognized the delivery boy as Matt Cohen and pointed out that he was too young to deliver stuff by car legally which led her to theorize blackmailing him into not revealing Tedd's transforming. When Grace and Ellen returned from hiding in the kitchen with plates and napkins, Grace gave Tedd a hug which Tedd initially met warmly before realizing Grace was currently male when she was hugging her and the embarrassment of being hugged by a guy made her draw attention to the plates being brought in. Nanase asked why they were hiding and Ellen said she didn't want to be seen with Elliot while they were both female and Grace said she didn't want to morph away her antennae given the energy needed and their size.

After Sarah got Susan upstairs it was revealed that they were going to sing karaoke. Sarah said it was Ellen's idea and it would be fun. Tedd explained that the uryuoms Will and Gill were crazy about it. Grace explained how the system worked and Susan said none of them were good at singing. Grace said Tedd was a good singer based on overhearing Tedd in the shower. Tedd botched her denial of this and Susan was about to ask the relevance of it before realizing that Tedd took showers as a girl.

After Sarah, Susan, Grace, Justin and Nanase had went, Tedd volunteered to go and Susan teased her. When Tedd sang she got an 82, which she had mixed reactions to.

Ellen went last and sang the song perfectly. When she finished, it displayed a 100 and "Flawless Victory" to the rest of the group's silent awe. Susan and Tedd questioned how she just scored 100 since Elliot had no singing skill she could have inherited. Ellen revealed that the whole karaoke setup was intended to broach the subject of her Second Life dreams and the result of them. When she finished explaining it everyone expressed their belief in her story which reassured her. They finished up the karaoke by singing duets and then had cake. They discussed what to do after cake and Grace said they could just hang out while transformed which led to an explanation of how the transformations would wear off.

Sarah complimented Tedd on the cake and expressed surprise at her cooking. Tedd said she was only good at it when she was female and Elliot said that Tedd's cooking ability had nothing to do with her gender. Tedd said that she had conditioned herself to cook better as a girl and explained how she got that way.[20] When Sarah said that made sense, Elliot responded that most things involving Tedd were nonsensical. Tedd was in the process of replying to this when Grace appeared with a big smile on her face and kissed her. As Elliot and Sarah looked on, Tedd seemed to be enjoying the kiss until she came to the same realization as before when Grace hugged her and pulled herself away from Grace. She nervously made an excuse to leave to go upstairs and ran away, in embarrassment while thinking of the repercussions of her actions.

Grace followed Tedd upstairs and Tedd reflected on the reason for her actions before Grace found her in her room. Tedd tried to continue her excuse for being upstairs but Grace called her out on it and said that she was hurt by Tedd trying to hide her feelings from her. Tedd explained her discomfort at Grace being a guy and said it was different for Grace because she was bisexual. Grace explained she was not bisexual and Tedd realized that Grace's sexual orientation was a mixture of heterosexual and uryuom. Grace revealed that she was attracted to Tedd for her mind regardless of Tedd's form and wondered why Tedd felt that way since she should be bisexual while female. Grace suddenly realized why Tedd was uncomfortable being attracted to a guy and apologized for ruining the party for her. Tedd tried to reassure her by pointing out the other ways the party was success despite its theme but Grace said that the reason she went with that theme was for Tedd which shocked her. Tedd reflected on what Grace had done for her and responded that it was she (Tedd) who messed up. Tedd was so overcome with emotion that she visibly glowed and tackle-hugged Grace to kiss her. When she finished kissing her, Tedd found Grace had morphed back to female. Grace said kissing her male self was a very loving gesture but didn't resolve Tedd's issue with being attracted to men. Tedd then agreed that she would share her feelings with Grace and that she was happy if Grace was. Grace reciprocated that sentiment and asked Tedd if she could zap her with her clone form and explained why. She then called attention to Tedd's being able to glow which came as a surprise to Tedd.

Tedd decided to come back downstairs but asked Grace about her lack of pants. Grace assured him that she had shorts on. Tedd told Grace that she (Tedd) should apologize to Sarah for calling her a lesbian repeatedly. However, when he was about to, she realized Sarah was effectively with a girl at the moment since Elliot was female so she held off until a "less ironic time". Elliot asked if they were all going to change back now and Grace responded that they could if they wanted to and just needed to ask her or Tedd to work the TF gun. Susan and Justin appeared and notified them about the apparently burnt out light. When Tedd asked what they were doing downstairs, Susan responded that she was logging and Justin said he was providing logging material. Sarah wondered out loud about Ellen and Nanase which made Grace smile giddily. Tedd asked her why she was smiling like that and Susan asked if it was due to her lack of pants. Grace lifted up her shirt to reveal her short shorts and Nanase who just arrived was startled by that sight. Tedd expressed her confusion at Nanase's recent actions and was gently pushed away from the door to give Ellen and Nanase privacy.

Hidden GenesisEdit

Tedd revealed to Elliot his recently created free energy machine which did not work. They discussed the school arrangement and the keeping of secrets. They discussed Grace going to school for the first time and Tedd told him how Grace was a genius in some respects. Meanwhile, Grace who was mopping found she had mopped her herself into a corner and couldn't walk out of it without leaving tracks. Her cries of help were heard by Tedd and Elliot and they arrived at the kitchen to find her resorting to her omega form in order to fly out of there which Tedd having never seen it before found attractive. Elliot told Tedd that he shouldn't have his girlfriend do housework but Tedd said she lived there and his father would probably allow more parties if the house was clean after one. Grace expressed her happiness at Ellen and Nanase getting together but Tedd was not as pleased as he did not like the idea of his cousin being a lesbian because he normally found lesbians attractive. Grace and Tedd told Elliot that he had missed seeing Susan with two hair colors and Tedd thought she would not keep it that way because she had expressed annoyance when complimented on it.

When Grace came down for breakfast she was initially very excited but sleep caught up with her and she asked Mr. Verres for coffee. He initially refused but she reminded him what she was and he agreed to pour her a cup. When Tedd asked for one as well, Mr. Verres pointed out his height and told him to drink milk instead.

Just before Tedd left, Grace gave him a kiss which left him thinking that she would meet guys at school that were better than him. At Moperville North, Tedd was discussing the pros and cons of the uniforms when Sarah showed up wearing a beret. Sarah was explaining why she could probably get away with wearing it when Susan appeared. Susan expressed her frustration about the uniforms and her plan to do something about it and was overheard by a student who asked her if she was serious. Upon receiving a confirmation from her, he shouted to the students in the hall of her intentions. This resulted in he students getting excited and coming to her. When they were gathered Susan elaborated on her plan and revealed she wanted the uniforms changed but not necessarily to get rid of them altogether. When they heard this they quickly turned against her and walked away. Catalina Bobcat started calling the students jackasses and tried to defend Susan but only managed to continue calling the students jackasses. Alerted by Catalina's yelling Principal Verrückt threatened her with detention ... again. At that, she called him a string of rapid fire insults which went over his head. Satisfied that he'd handled Catalina he turned to Susan and warned her of the consequences of her continued defiance of the dress code. He then turned to Sarah and was about to admonish her for her beret when he was overcome by its cuteness as per Sarah's plan. He then declared the beret valid and walked away to the shock of Susan. Catalina talked with Tedd and Elliot and made Tedd uncomfortable with her invasion of his personal space. She then brought up an after school meeting of the feminist club and expressed her eager anticipation of it before leaving.

While Tedd and Elliot walked to their first class, they discussed Tedd's reactions to Catalina getting close to him and Susan in a guys uniform. Elliot told him that he was in love even more than before and Grace probably thought the same way about Tedd. When Tedd pictured this he visibly glowed but did not realize it.

Sister IIEdit

At Moperville North just before lunch, Tedd worried about Grace at Moperville South while Elliot was more worried about Susan and they discussed who was worse off. Just then Susan had an outburst of yelling and said she was stressed out. She also said she would transfer schools if things didn't change about the uniforms. Tedd and Elliot pledged their support for her cause and Susan took Elliot's support for granted saying he would help his worst enemy if necessary. Sarah arrived without her beret and Susan told her she liked when she wore it, prompting her to get it. Susan discussed the consequences of her leaving the school and admitted the solution was not ideal. At Moperville North at lunch, Susan put off lunch to work on her plans for the feminist meeting that afternoon while Tedd explained why he keeps his hair long.

Tedd arrived home and was greeted by a glomp from Grace. Tedd expressed surprise that she was home and Grace told him about how Ellen drove her and about school. She then told him about her weirdness rampage upon getting home and displayed her growing maturity about sexuality. They then discussed the wearing of their comfort accessories and Grace suggested the invention of a pair of glasses that instantly dress or undress the wearer when put on or taken off respectively. Later Tedd had an instant messaging conversation with Sarah about Grace and Susan that mirrored his conversation with Elliot. When Sarah explained what had happened that afternoon Tedd finally understood Elliot and Sarah's worry about Susan.

The next day at school Tedd arrived in a vest (which only the girls were required to wear). The students teased him about it but he told them off for mocking the people who are trying to get the uniform policy changed. When Sandi expressed her view on it, Tedd rebuked her for hampering Susan's cause instead of doing something about the issue at hand. Tony did not take this rebuke well but some of the other students apologized. Susan was shocked into stillness and Catalina hugged Tedd. Tedd and Catalina talked about her feelings for Susan and Tedd hugged Catalina to comfort her.

Elliot discussed with Tedd about joining the feminist club and Tedd said Susan would probably want to keep the club "girls only". They were playing a multiplayer card game when Elliot suddenly excused himself, told Tedd it was something he ate and rushed away to the restroom.

When he returned, Elliot found Tedd at the feminist club table with Susan and Sarah and asked Tedd what he was doing there. Tedd responded by asking him where he had been and Sarah expressed concern for Elliot. Susan deduced that it was Elliot who was the girl in the guys uniform she saw earlier and Elliot confirmed her deduction. Susan text messaged Ellen while Elliot discussed his transformation with Tedd and Sarah. Susan asked Elliot a question to verify the nature of his transformation and got annoyed when Elliot tried to question her. Elliot asked for Tedd's cellphone to call Mr. Verres and told Sarah about the bloodgrem. When Susan finished texting she explained some of the magic system and realized she was naive to assume female Elliot was really a girl since he was still wearing the boys uniform which would have attracted as much attention as she was receiving. Tedd asked Susan to explain more about awakening but she told him his father would explain more.

After school, at Tedd's house, Mr. Verres confirmed both Ellen and Elliot had been through an awakening using a magic analysis wand. He then explained more about the process of awakening like the fact that they got magic through anime-style martial arts, and the fact that Ellen will get out the phase of magic build up faster and with less build up than Elliot due to her being created by magic. He then told them how much harder it will be on Elliot. After Mr. Verres finished his explanation, Sarah got a call from Susan that there was a news crew at Moperville North that showed up to cover the appearance of the bloodgrem. Elliot realized that his fighting of the bloodgrem led to a the opening up of an avenue to publicize Susan's cause which made him happy to help.

Bringing Silly BackEdit

In Tedd's basement, Tedd ran a series of tests on Elliot's abilities to transform into a girl. After testing shows that things like clothes that Elliot transforms remain transformed even when separated from his body, Tedd advised Elliot to make sure no one is in the restroom when he is transforming in a bathroom stall, because Moperville has become a hotbed for paranormal enthusiasts.

When the earthquake occurred, Grace woke up, got scared and grabbed Tedd. At the motel they were staying in Sarah noticed that there were only two beds to sleep in, after arguing over who would sleep with Grace, it was decided that Grace would sleep in squirrel form; back in Moperville Tedd was disappointed about it (having sensed it with his Tedd-senses) but he didn't know why.

When the first fire guy attacked Tedd watched the after effects on the news and said something like this was inevitable. After Elliot arrived Tedd explained how widespread the incident was. When Elliot mentioned that his secret identity messes with his brain, Tedd discovered that in order for Elliot to get different magic then female from magic he would have to stop fighting the magic and find a female form that he liked. Later when Grace was wondering how the government was going to stop the fire summoner Tedd said they would use a sleep spell and if that didn't work they might use deadly force. When Grace because sad that she is becoming OK with deadly force on bad people. Tedd said was because she was empathetic and a possibly a hippy.

9001% SeriousEdit

Tedd had been making a lot of progress on the study of magic at the cost of neglecting Grace. On May 1, after school, Grace came down to the basement lab and told Tedd that they would be going on a double date with Nanase and Ellen on Friday. The next day, at school, Tedd told Elliot about the date and the awkwardness it would cause since he really did not spend much time with Ellen and Nanase. He decided to go on the date since Grace wanted it so much and he wanted Grace to be happy. When he got home he asked his father for some spending money for the date. Mr. Verres asked if he has spent his allowance on gaming peripherals which Tedd admitted to. After Mr. Verres said he was joking, he said that Grace had already borrowed money for the date. Tedd said that he was the man most of the time so he should pay, but Mr. Verres said while that was gentlemanly they live in a modern, progressive age so there is no shame in sharing the cost, plus Mr. Verres would be the one paying either way. Tedd said that was a good point and asked for advice on what to wear. Mr. Verres suggested clean socks since it was a dinner and bowling date.

Right before the date started, Tedd waited downstairs and watched television. When Mr. Verres asked where Grace was, Tedd said she was waiting upstairs so that the date could start as they were leaving the house. When Nanase and Ellen arrived, Tedd asked Nanase about her hair and revealed that he had some studies on magic that could help Nanase overcome her burn out faster. He was about to talk more about, but stopped when he saw Grace pout.

While in the car, he had a hard time not focusing on science. At the restaurant he picked hamburgers and was surprised that Ellen ordered calamari. After an argument about the difference between Ellen and Elliot, Tedd ordered the calamari. While everyone was talking, Tedd realized he has been sitting in a basement alone and neglecting the people he cares about. Ellen explained to him that Tedd has habit of devoting all his time when he finds something that interests him until he gets sick of it. Tedd indicated that he would try to balance his science and relationships.

At the bowling alley, Ellen threatened to break Tedd if he jerked Nanase around.[21] When he confronted Ellen about her actions, she explained that he confuses her and that he never apologized for the mistake of creating her. Tedd said that he would never apologize for her creation, saying it was the best mistake he ever made. When Gerald showed up, Tedd yelled at him to go away and stop being a bully. Grace, Nanase and Ellen backed Tedd, and Gerald backed off. The others then cautioned Tedd about reacting to Gerald's antagonism. Once home, Tedd realised that if he did not neglect his friendships, he would not find himself standing alone against a foe. It was revealed here that Tedd had been building an Alpha-Tedd-style gauntlet.

On the fourth of May, Sarah called Tedd[22] and asked which, out of transformations and illusions, is easier, trying to determine if a certain video-game (Legends of Celida) gender-bender was an illusion or a transformation. Here it was revealed that Tedd has a watch that transforms the wearer: Tedd cycled through multiple forms, mostly female, during the phone call. Tedd gave an in-depth explanation of the difficulties with illusions but, when Sarah asked her about whether the Celida gender-bender was a transformation, cited an official source with a simple straight answer.

On May 13, Grace originally keep her plan with Raven secret from Tedd, resulting in an awkward conversation[23] with Grace not wanting Tedd going with her, Tedd wanting to experiment with his gauntlet and neither wanting to appear not to want to be with the other. When Grace returns after Raven not only allowing but directly ordering her to tell Tedd, they have a conversation about keeping secrets but not from each other.[24]

Summer Edit

On the 28th of May, with Matt Cohen having asked Susan out, and Sarah having explained to a concerned Susan that dating is a means to get to know people rather than a sexual commitment, Tedd responded that it isn't such a commitment until the third date, taking his information from sitcoms. He was met with narrowed eyes all around.[25]

Sarah having offered to be Tedd's lab assistant,[26] and Tedd having accepted (after controlling his imagination so as not to sexualise Sarah),[27] Sarah arrived at Tedd's house on the 7th of June. Tedd was using a Grace clone form at the time[28] and, while the transform had failed to morph away Tedd's lab coat, that was not what Tedd was investigating. Tedd was expecting Nanase over for to investigate her hair, but first had Sarah carry out a test which required her to be clueless beforehand,[29] but which was to be rewarded with great leverage over Tedd.[30] Tedd shouted "Success!" repeatedly after predicted non-effects, initially causing Sarah to panic, thinking that her memories had been modified in accordance with a male-to-female transform.[31]

It turned out that Tedd was merely rigorously testing that the watch did not activate without the intent to use magic, knowing its effects, and its passcode, although Tedd did admit to being "possibly" insane.[32][33] The leverage turned out to be a clone-form watch of Tedd's form and female variants thereof, with no conditions attached, as a token of trust.[34]

It then became clear what Tedd was investigating by being Grace: Tedd was investigating the effect of wanting a transformation enchantment on its duration, and had made a half-hour transformation last fifteen hours. Then Tedd reversed it.[35][36]

Nanase being due to show up soon, Tedd asked Sarah if she was alright with spending time with Nanase. Sarah claimed not to be prone to jealousy, whilst evidencing otherwise to Tedd[37] and herself, at which point Nanase arrived,[38] having jogged about two miles from her house.[39]

Tedd suggested that, rather than cutting it, he might have an alternate method for keeping Nanase's hair short, depending upon what was accelerating its growth. He seemed to have some insight as to what was, and promptly announced that this was "lab coat worthy",[40] and that, after donning the lab-coat, they could now take him seriously. Tedd mentioned the possible effects of magic on growth physiology, and awkwardly suggested it as an explanation for Nanase's chest measurements. Nanase seemed to like this explanation,[41] following which Tedd changed the subject back to hair, indicating that hair appeared to be the most susceptible body part to magic-accelerated growth, suggesting that magic as an entity deemed it relatively safe.[42]

Tedd initially tried making Nanase test the watch's safety mechanism like Sarah, due to his lack of remotely substantial test data, but she guessed the function and Tedd just told her how to use it, responding to her query regarding the manufacture of the watches by stating that she had "taken the joy out of" exposition.[43]

The Dawn Edit



Tedd and Elliot became best friends when they were young, after Elliot rescued him from a pack of bullies who were picking on him for his girlish appearance.[44] Elliot has spent so much time with Tedd, and seen so many of the strange things that result from being near him that he has learned to self hypnotize himself to not freak out.


Tedd and Grace have been dating since the start of the Relations storyline. When Tony saw a picture Tedd had made of Grace, he made fun of him for liking furries, and Tedd hatched a plan to turn him into a girl. Tedd initially thought that Grace was bisexual since she didn't mind if he was a boy or a girl, but during the events of her birthday party, he found out that she has both heterosexual and uryuom sexual attractions.[45] Tedd knows he loves Grace, but found it hard to believe that she could be in love with him despite the fact that he is not particularly physically attractive until Elliot reassured him on that point. Tedd has been known to glow when feeling strong emotions about Grace.

Practically Married Edit

Note that Dan mentioned Tedd and Grace being practically married in 2014 when commenting Tedd reading Edward's "Rorschach" note[46] and later mentioned it's easy for him to forget they're not already married.[47] Characters might see it similarly: Pandora mentioned they are practically married[48] and Justin even asked if they elope when Grace didn't confirmed it fast enough.[49]


Tedd and Sarah have a complicated relationship that began when they were once paired up for a science project. While they were at Tedd's house, Tedd showed Sarah his TF gun and fired it at her as a joke, thinking it did not have enough power to change her; however, it had just enough power to change her into a cat girl and then overload. However, since she became his lab assistant and subsequently got over her uneasiness at transformations, they get along quite well.


Tedd and Susan have a unique relationship. Their whole friendship was initially based on teasing each other, but when the time came, Tedd came to Susan's aid by wearing a vest, part of the female dress code, to show support for her and told the students off for mocking her when she was trying to get the uniform policy changed; then proceding to hyperventilate in priviate. Since then, they have been true friends.


Tedd and Nanase are cousins, but they don't seem to be very close. Tedd commonly calls her his "ugly cousin". Nanase thinks he is weird.

There may be a reason for Tedd considering Nanase ugly. Nanase was described by Not-Tengu as being the splitting image of her aunt Noriko (Tedd's mother),[50] who had traumatized Tedd as a baby by holding an active magic detector over him repeatedly.[51] This has left Tedd with at least phobia for the magic detector.[52]


Tedd has expressed an attraction to Ellen. This is consistent with the fact that in alternate universes, where the alternates of Elliot and Tedd are of different genders, they are attracted to each other and, in certain cases, in a relationship with one another. Tedd has stated that if Ellen was the result of his mistakes, then they were the "best mistakes [he] ever made".


Tedd has spent almost no time with Justin, except while preparing for the rescue of Elliot during Painted Black (during which he discovered Justin was gay), and in brief intervals when everyone was together, such as during Grace's birthday party, during which Justin told him that gay guys, including himself, would not find Tedd attractive.


Mad ScienceEdit

Tedd is a proficient mad scientist, with a lab built for him by his father and many scientific projects to his name. He was the accidental creator of the original Goo, although he claimed to Principal Verrückt that there was nothing he did that could have caused it to come to life the way it did, and it is possible that Lord Tedd brought the goo to life and not Main Universe Tedd. He also worked on the Transformation Gun for William and Gillian, and has been able to make many, varied adjustments to its functions. A recent science project, a potato connected to a rubber duck, seems to have been slightly less successful, however. Tedd has been studying the "science of magic" so he can help Elliot get non-girly spells sooner. Unbeknownst to anyone, he has built his own version of Lord Tedd's Magi-tech gauntlet (although it is unclear whether he realizes the similarity).

Tedd's GlassesEdit

Tedd’s glasses were special government prototypes brought home by his father,[53] and have many functions (though they don't correct vision).[54] They can record video and stream it wirelessly to a computer, and could see through clothing (Tedd has deleted this feature). The latter was originally designed to allow agents to search for concealed weapons; but since it could see through clothes... Tedd's deletion of this feature gives testament to the fact that while he may be a perv, he still has morals. He recently admitted to Grace that the main reason he used to wear them is the security they provided by giving him something to hide behind; this made it all the more powerful when he took them off to make a point about the uniforms. He has not worn them as much in recent comics, tending to use them only around friends, and only when doing science.


Tedd has been shown glowing on at least four occasions (two students who notice it the second time it is shown occurring in public blame it on the cafeteria food).[55] It is unconfirmed if all of these instances are related to his seer insight though the last one definitely is.[56] The glowing seemed to be drawn from Tedd's emotions; more specifically, the feelings of love he has toward Grace.[57] It was always him realizing something. [58]


Tedd apparently has the ability to sense moments of "Sexy-Awesomeness" from far, far away. This is potent enough for him to sense something that almost happens — such as Grace nearly having to share a bed with Sarah in EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-05-17. Whether this is a magical ability or artistic license has yet to be seen.


It was first stated on Jan 28, 2013[59] that Tedd is not a spellcaster but a "more dangerous rarity." It has subsequently become apparent that Tedd has an innate ability to see and understand magic: despite Sarah assuming that Tedd had programmed a magic vision setting into his glasses,[60] Tedd was actually able to visually sense magic and was surprised that not everyone can.[61] Tedd first discovered this insight using the insight itself, whilst using it on her mark-based spell when transforming from female to male.[62] Voltaire refers to Tedd as "the Seer".[63]

Note that Tedd tested negative for any magic potential by the magic analysis wand.[64] This is not a special ability (other than from being a seer): it's just that even as a baby, his spell resistance was high enough to resist the loud and scary wand because of being frightened of it.[65]

When Pandora described Tedd to Heka, he answered that she described a Seer.[66]

Tedd's ability to see magic and use knowledge he obtained in magitech is not only similar to wizards' ability to learn spells, it apparently counts as version of it.[67]

Tedd is awakened,[68] though technically his was a different sort of awakening since he's a wizard, but it's similar enough that the same word is used for it.elgoonishshive twitter status ID 1002391024759656449

Related abilities Edit

Him being able to disenchant himself immediately[69] and having high resistance[70] is related, according to Heka.


Pandora Raven marked Tedd with spell allowing him to change his sex and also the sex of other people, but in his case it changes his default form rather than merely enchanting.[71]

Significantly, Pandora was surprised when he first used this spell: as she is a very old immortal, it is not easy to surprise Pandora.[72]


  • Lord Tedd (Alpha Universe) - Lord Tedd, also known as Alpha Tedd, is introduced as being on a mission to eliminate his other-dimension alternates, and thus created the Goo to attack Tedd.
  • Beta Tedd (Beta Universe) - Beta Tedd is actively trying to counter Lord Tedd's offensive by getting in contact with his dimensional counterparts and warning them. He wears square glasses, and is in a relationship with Elliot's female beta-alternate.
  • Tedd (Second Life) - In Ellen's second life, Tedd is shyer and does not wear glasses. He is attracted to second-life Ellen, unbeknownst to her (but apparent to main universe Ellen).
  • Tess (April Fool's 04) - AF04 Tess is shy and is AF04-Elliot's girlfriend. Her glasses, which she wears by necessity (obviously not the secret government glasses), make her look like Velma from the Scooby-Doo franchise.
  • Tess (Oblivious Wand Waving‏‎) - Unlike the AF04 Tess, this version of Tess is outgoing and bubbly. She's still Elliot's girlfriend, though.


"WelcometothewonderfulhouseofTeddTedd'shouseisyourhousepleasefeelfreetostayaslongas youlikeandletitbeknownifyou'rehavingnightmaresit'sOKforyoutosleepinmybedwelcome!!!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-02-17
"Male, female, gay, straight... Female Variant #5 cares not."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-06-12 ("Hm? Say That Again?")
"Hell no! Of course I'm a pervert!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-04-23 ("A Disturbing Look into the Mind of Tedd")
"(to Elliot, Elliot being affected by FV5) Let me put this in simpler terms: you smell sexy."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-06-14 ("An Explanation Or A Complement?")
"She's like a sleepy little ninja!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-08-26 ("Way Of The Squirrel")
"For the record, I am much more interested in the science behind all this than staring at a woman's naked breasts! ... Oh, dear lord, what have I become?"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-03-03


  • Tedd claims to have saved Christmas.[73] Wouldn’t that make for an interesting EGS:NP?
  • Tedd considered calamari gross[74] but, having tried it, conceded that it was "good, not great".[75]
  • Tedd is right handed.[76]

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Child Tedd


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