Proper article title/linking conventionsEdit

So, considering she will be Vladia from here on out, shouldn't the page officially be titled "Vladia," with "Vlad" redirecting here, and articles linking to "Vlad" only when the link it time-dependent in relation to the story? For example, the intro/relationship sections of Hedge and Guineas should say "Vladia" since they reference this character generically, but during the majority of the Painted Black story arc article, "Vlad" should be used. Thoughts? CyMoahk 21:56, October 18, 2009 (UTC)

I'd say so, yeah. Personally I've always linked to "Vladia", and referred to her by that name unless speaking about her actions before the conclusion of Painted Black. JediMB 21:59, October 18, 2009 (UTC)

Mourning Damien's death? Edit

I always interpreted Vladia's tearfulness when mentioning Damien's death to be due to her realizing that she's finally free of her captor/abuser/oppressor, and also due to her reflecting on and admitting that much of what she did as Vlad was a result of seeking Damien's approval and avoiding his wrath. I always figured that's why she said, "We wouldn't be standing around peacefully with all these people if he was alive… He's not around to be disappointed with what I do…" and then teared up. I think anyone would tear up upon realizing that their greatest abuser is gone and that they can finally be themselves for the first time in their life. I find it really difficult to interpret the strip as Vladia "mourning" Damien. Has Dan Shive said that this is what's going on? Because if not I propose removing the parts of this article that describe Vladia as "mourning" Damien. Re-read what she says — does that sound like mourning? To me it sounds like relief.

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