CritterKeeper at the 910cmx forum pointed out that Edward at first refused to explain to Nanase why he kept Noriko secret from Tedd. I added that to the storyline summary. Lophotrochozoa (talk) 21:10, March 12, 2020 (UTC)

Yes, putting this link here is really good idea. Regarding his reasons, hard to say. When Tedd found out, her reaction wasn't completely normal[1] AND could've been worse if Tedd didn't found out other stuff Edward didn't knew at that point, so it's plausible that Edward was really worried about some sort of nervous breakdown. On the other hand, it's definitely also possible Edward has other motivation: I'm often arguing for "there must be more regarding DGB going out off-panel than we find out about". I agree that we should put some uncertainty in the description ... -- Hkmaly (talk) 05:01, March 14, 2020 (UTC)

References Edit

  1. EGS Main Story Comic for 2017-07-17
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