The fourth myth to be tested was if transgender forms always result in attractive forms. But instead of testing, Tedd explained it: Different methods have different results. In case of TF gun, it depends on how the form was programmed. Obviously, the FV5 is what Tedd, who programmed it, considered attractive, and is deliberately made that way.

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Both Tedd and Grace in strip have "non-default" gender.


TeddOk, the next myth is that transgender morphs always result in "attractive" forms, but really, this is something I should just explain.
TeddThere is no universal rule. Different morphing methods have different results.
TeddIn the case of our TF Guns, it depends on how the form was programmed.
TeddFemale variant number one, for example, won't dramatically alter the target's relative figure.
TeddV5 results in consistent height, generous chest measurements, and what is generally considered a healthy body weight.
TeddI could make a "fat ray" if I wanted, but I doubt anyone wants to see that.
GraceUm, Tedd? We just got 3700 e-mails in favor of a fat ray. Approximately 93% of them include the phrase "sexy awesome" in the body text.
Tedd...Oh, right ... hotness is subjective ...
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