Swedekea is a giant furniture store. It is well-known for being a labyrinth of furniture displays, maps for getting around the store displayed on the walls, attractive bargains, and secret passageways for customer convenience. They also have a company website that attempts to keep product status up to date, but is not in real time. They also have a food court. Elliot and Noah raced through the store in an effort to get the last TV stand using every trick they had (including fighting with pillows), unaware that the TV stand had already been sold. When the race was over, they were told if they did something like that again, they would be banned; they also had to purchase the pillows.


The name is most likely a reference to the Swedish furniture franchise Ikea, whose nearest location to Naperville, Illinois (on which Moperville is probably based) is in Bolingbrook, less than ten miles from Naperville North HS (on which Moperville North is probably based).

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