Summer is the seventeenth story arc in the main canon of EGS. It opened March 5, 2012 and ended February 1, 2013, clocking in at 178 pages long. It follows the majority of the group getting summer jobs and includes Tedd's encounter with the Whales. Summer ends in the first and only major timeskip in EGS.

The End of SpringEdit

On Friday May 24, Elliot and Sarah watched a movie set in Paris.[1] Sarah said she's always wanted to visit Paris, but Elliot said he hates traveling and prefers to stay at home while on vacation.

On Monday May 27, Susan accidentally hit her head on her locker due to a recent growth spurt. Matt Cohen approached her calling her Tiffany. Susan told him to call her Susan. Matt apologized and began to introduce himself but Susan knew who he was and asked him if the principal had a message for her or something. Matt awkwardly asked if she was doing anything Friday night. Susan was shocked and asked in disbelief to confirm that he wanted to go out with her. Matt said he would. Susan protested that he didn't even know her. Matt admitted he didn't know her that well but said he liked what he knew so far. Susan was flustered, rambled off an excuse, stared at him for a moment then ran off hastily saying "bye!". Matt noted to himself that that could have gone better.

At lunch, Sarah asked Susan what the big deal was and said Matt seemed like a nice guy. Susan said he barely knew her but Sarah said he asked her out so he could get to know her. Susan said all he wanted was to sleep with her but Sarah was skeptical. Susan said that if he didn't know her then his basis for asking her out was that he was attracted to her for some reason and Susan was convinced he was thinking of sex. Elliot admitted that it was somewhat weird to ask someone out without knowing them which Susan enthusiastically agreed confirming that that was her point. Sarah protested that it was not weird and said asking someone out is how you got to know them and that it was not a commitment to sleeping with someone. Tedd said not until the third date anyway and tried to justify that state by saying that was the advice sitcoms gave.

At Moperville South, Grace expressed sadness at having to pause her attendance of school for the summer in contrast to most of the rest of the students who looked forward to being free. Grace said she liked school, would miss the people and was worried about finding a summer job. Justin asked if Mr. Verres was making her get a job and Grace said that she wanted to start contributing since feeding and clothing her was not free. Justin suggested applying for a job at the comic book store since the summer gaming events would require another person to man the register. Grace asked if it would be a problem that she was a "wo-man" and Justin said that her "problem" would probably double her chances of getting the job. Nanase asked Ellen if she was going to look for a summer job. Ellen said that since it was technically her first summer she hoped she wouldn't need to get a summer job because she wanted to enjoy her freedom. Nanase said her job was going to be babysitting so her schedule would be pretty open but a bit random. Ellen asked if she was using an agency but Nanase said her mother sets it all up for her.

Meanwhile, Nanase mother promised her friend that Nanase was responsible, good with children and very smart. She also said that Nanase is a trained martial artist who could defend the children under her care from danger. Her friend chuckled but Mrs. Kitsune said she was serious and that Nanase would defend with ferocity of a mother bear protecting her cubs.[2]

Susan was walking along while her Logic told her that Sarah was right. Logic said that while there was certainly a sexual component to Matt's actions his intentions seemed to be fairly innocent. Susan's Nurture appeared and Logic asked her if she was there to debate. Nurture said that after getting to know men better and seeing relationships that actually worked, she believed they overreacted. Logic asked Susan's Nature about it and Nature said she thought they broke Matt's heart. Logic then asked Susan's Curiosity and Curiosity cried aloud in regret about not knowing what might have been. Logic said it was unanimous: they felt terrible and added that Susan's ego would have to deal with it now. Susan banged her head on a locker and let out a mournful sigh.

Susan asked Sarah how to apologize to Matt without making it seem like she wanted to date him. Sarah asked how badly Susan rejected him and Susan said she just rapidly said a jumbled mess of excuses before running away. Sarah was shocked at this and Susan said that Matt freaked her out. Matt appeared behind her and said that was not his intention. Susan apologized to Matt and said it was not him it was her, but it might be him as she just didn't know him enough. Susan said she never dated before, she doesn't like being touched, she killed a vampire, her parents are divorced and she has trust issues. Matt asked about her killing a vampire and Susan said it was in a really well acted role-playing game. Matt says it was OK if she didn't want to date him and he never intended to make her uncomfortable. He accepted her apology then asked if she really hadn't dated anyone. When Susan confirmed this, Matt told her that she was going to be a senior soon and should ask herself if she really wanted to go through school without dating as she might regret it later. After he left, Susan couldn't tell if he was being sincere or just trying to get her to date him. Sarah said he was a sweetie. Susan said that Sarah didn't know if he was a sweetie and Sarah said Susan didn't know if he was whatever she thought he was. Susan said she didn't know what she thought Matt was. Sarah suggested giving him the benefit of the doubt but Susan said that was not her policy.

Matt's friend asked him if he was rejected again and Matt said he was not cool enough for her. His friend asked him why he turned and made that last ditch effort, but Matt said he was just telling Susan she should go on a date before she left school. His friend confirmed he was not cool enough for her.

That evening, The Dunkels discussed summer plans for their two children. Since it was Ellen's first summer she was allowed to be free as long as she was active. Elliot was told to get a job.

Later Ellen asks if Elliot is upset with her summer freedom, but Elliot says it makes sense and she technically has more job experience then he does. Elliot tell him about working in a clothing store and serving Uryuoms while Elliot tell her that he does not want to work at a grocery again. Ellen says that much is obvious since Elliot had turned into a girl wearing nothing but an apron. As Elliot tries to untie the apron knot, he says that whatever job he gets can't be worse then what Sarah has gotten herself into.

Earlier that day, Sarah asked Tedd if happened to need a lab assistant for the summer. Tedd thinks about what it would be like to have Sarah as his lab assistant:[3] first, with Sarah and Grace sparsely clothed and him as playboy, then he corrects it to Sarah fully clothed, Tedd as sparsely clothed woman and Grace in bikini, and all with protective glasses and her actually handling some chemical. Sarah says she wants to help out with experiments, learn how things work and maybe be a test subject for safe non-creepy experiments. Tedd said he could use the help but when he asked why she wanted the job, Sarah said that she wants magic and Tedd can makes magic, and so long as they could avoid another incident she would like to be a part of it. Tedd said he could only pay with unimaginable power, to which Sarah gladly agrees.

Later, Susan has her thoughts about Matt's advice, but despite being discomforted at the prospect of remain single, Susan still tries to reasoning there's no reason for her feel any attractions to any man, given that the prospect of dating requires lust, and most of her romantic interests are more platonic than physical intimacy, but before she could goes any further in her reasoning, Elliot surprises her by asking if he can get a job at the rental video store that she works.

Power FantasyEdit

Sarah gets up from her bed to find a giant Hedge monster rampaging in the city. Sarah turns into a black-belt wizard and smiles.[4] Sarah flies up and uses her magic to turn the giant Hedge monster into a small Hedge kitty. Sarah laughs and wakes up saying it was a cool dream.

Sarah arrives at Tedd's house and rings the door bell; Tedd answers in Grace Form and remembers he was doing an experiment. Tedd apologizes for his "Graceness" and says that he is still working out problems. Sarah says he looks and sounds just like Grace and Tedd says he was talking about his lab coat. Sarah asks where Grace is and Tedd says she is around somewhere and that Nanase will becoming over to work on the mystery of her hair. Sarah asks if it is her new hair or her male cockatoo hair and Tedd says it is the former but the later would be worth investigating. Sarah asks if Tedd is going to stay Graced and Tedd says he will and asks Sarah to put on a watch to test something. Sarah asks if he is going to tell her what the experiment is and Tedd says she needs to be clueless. Sarah say that is not reassuring and Tedd assures her that it is safe. Sarah thinks that the watch might turn her into a cat girl or control her mind. Tedd says he understands her hesitation but the cluelessness is important and the reward will be great. Sarah asks if the reward is cake and Tedd says he was thinking leverage but he does like to bake. Sarah asks what he means the Tedd explains that he knows Sarah does not trust him so he is giving her something that will give her leverage over him all she has to do is trust him. Sarah pushes that button. Nothing happens and Tedd declares it a success. Sarah asks if the button messed with her memories and if she is supposed to be a woman. Tedd says the button didn't do anything and she has to power it with her own magic. Sarah asks how to power it an Tedd tell her to press the button with the intent of using magic. Sarah presses the button and nothing happens. Tedd says it is a success and the watch causes your hair to increase in length for half an hour. Sarah asks if it works and Tedd says that knowing what the button should do should make work. Sarah presses the button and nothing happens. Tedd tells her to press and hold the button while thinking longer hair three times then releasing. Sarah stares at him and Tedd swears he is doing this for a reason. Sarah follows his instructions and her hair increases in length. Tedd tries to explain himself but Sarah asks to look in a mirror. While she is posing Tedd tell her that the watches are designed to only work if you know exactly how to operate them. Sarah asks if the watch is her leverage but Tedd says he will give her a watch that will give her clone forms of him. Sarah is shocked that clone forms are leverage and asks what Tedd means. Tedd explains that Sarah could turn into him and publicly humiliate him. Sarah says that is horrible and Tedd says he wants her to have the option. Sarah says he doesn't have to do this, but Tedd insisted. Sarah said the gesture was enough but Tedd wanted to prove he was not just bluffing. Sarah says she will never use it and Tedd says what ever she does in private but is interrupted by a his phone beeping. Tedd reveals he has been Grace for fifteenth hours despite the watch only supposed to work for half and hour. Sarah moves to attack Tedd but Tedd assures her that the hair growth will not last fifteen hours unless she wants it to. Tedd explains that while he was doing experiments he realized that while testing Elliot the transformation would last as long as he told him it would, regardless of magic resistance. When he didn't tell him anything the spell lasted the regular half hour. Tedd says he has to take notes and leaves. Sarah looks in the mirror and thinks that Tedd has done more then she expected with the transforming clothes and magical watches. She thinks she might just become a wizard.

Rocks Fall Nobody is HiredEdit

Elliot is using up magic so he can prepare for his interview at the video shop.[5] At the video shop Elliot thanked Susan for get him an interview and Susan told him he was welcome but could not guarantee he would be hired. Elliot asked for tips and Susan told him not to lie about his knowledge of movies and video games. Elliot asked why he would and Susan told Elliot the Mr. Tensaided is a huge nerd and would test him. Elliot said with friends like Tedd, Justin and Greg he should get along fine. Susan warned him that Tensaided had the obsession of Tedd, the devotion of Greg and the interests of all three combined with role-playing games. Elliot agreed that was a huge nerd.

Tensaided appear and welcomes Elliot with a Matrix quote but Elliot does not get it. He asks about Elliot previous working experience and Elliot remembers bad times before saying he cannot go back. Tensaided asks Elliot if he enjoys movies, Elliot says he watches one once a week. Tensaided says going to the theater that often must be expensive but Elliot explains he watches them at home and is usually last to see new movies. Tensaided asks about video games and Elliot says he plays at a friends house. Elliot says he watches a little TV with his friends and Tensaided calls him an extrovert. Tensaided asks if he roleplays and Elliot asks if that is an appropriate question for an interview. Susan sees that Elliot is in trouble and asks to talk to Tensaided. She asks what he thinks and Tensaided calls him a condemned building inadequate for their sales needs. Susan asks why he is paraphrasing Ghost busters and Tensaided said at least she got the quote. Susan tries to convince Tensaided to hire Elliot but Tensaided said Elliot does not know enough about movies to service the customers properly. Susan tells him that Elliot knows Cheerleadra and hiring him is the best chance he will get of meeting her. Tensaided gets a joyous face and hires Elliot without speaking.

Susan tells Elliot that she told Tensaided about Cheerleadra and Elliot is shocked that she would do that. Elliot is angry since this will make Tensaided suspect every girl he talks to including his sister. Susan says she called him Lois Lane to her superman so Tensaided should not suspect relatives but Elliot says it will still make Tensaided suspicious of people who have secrets of their own. Susan says she was not thinking and Elliot agrees asked her why she did it. Susan says she wanted to help him get hired, Elliot reluctant agrees he was not going to get hired. Susan suggests he not take the job if what she did was so horrible, but the memory of the supermarket keeps him from leaving. Elliot says all he has to do is make sure Tensaided meets Cheerleadra confirming the Susan did not lie to him and keeping him from getting his hopes up for nothing. Susan is surprised that Elliot is worrying about Tensaided but Elliot says it would be like kicking a puppy to not show Tensaided Cheerleadra. Susan asks what he will do if Tensaided hits on him and Elliot says he will see if he can move fast enough to make a sonic boom. Susan says he his charitable and his plan make sense. Elliot says he just needs to figure out whether Grace or Tedd will pose as Elliot. Susan takes back her statement. Susan said unless Tensaided will meet Cheerleadra more then once his plan is unnecessarily wacky. Susan tells him to wait until Tensaided gets to overt with questions then "tell" Cheerleadra about it, that would give them weeks to prepare. Elliot agrees that Susan's plan is better and Tensaided appears asking if Elliot likes superheroes. Susan says she will have a plan by Monday.


On June 6, Grace told Tedd she didn't know what to wear to her job interview.[6] He told her it was a comic shop and you are supposed to dress one level notch above the interviewer, he suggests Joss Whedon. Grace asks who Joss Whedon was and Tedd said god. Grace asks if he was serious and Tedd said no and she should wear normal clothing since the interviewer probably wants a business attitude with a casual appearance. Grace thinks a tie for business and a baseball cap for casual would work and said it is a shame she can't wear her uryuom outfit since they look comic book-esque. Tedd thinks about it and using all his willpower said that would be a bad idea.

On June 7, At the store, George asks Justin about getting his uncle to hire on of his harem girls. Just said he asked her to interview one of them and he doesn't have a harem. George said that no difference and calls his harem all right. George said he wished it was Susan because she can counter his guff. Just said Nanase can too, but George said all she does is ignore the guff and guff requires rebuff. Grace arrived and Justin tells her the boss will be out shortly. Grace said she was a little nervous but Justin assured her she will do fine. Grace asked George who he was and he told her she could not take his gruff. Just told her his name was George and her first task was to not strangle him. Grace said he was to tall so George said to not punch him in the stomach. Jim Tolkiberry arrived and commented the George was already influencing girls to hit him. George said he was preparing her for the bloodlust. Jim introduced himself as the owner of the Salty Crackers franchise and Grace inadvertently commented on his mustache. He admitted that his whiskers where conversational piece and invited into the back room.

In back room, Jim said that this would be different then a regular interview since Justin recommendation was almost good enough for him.[7] So, instead of evaluating her he would be asking if she was going to accept the job. Grace asked if she shouldn't and Jim said he was going to find out. Jim explained that when Justin was going through a hard time, his parents thought working in a comic shop would be ideal for him so Jim hired him without hesitation. Justin resented being hired since he had not earned the position so he set out to prove to everyone that he could earn him place. Jim explained that Grace had the job if she wanted it, but Justin put his faith in her if she doesn't plan to take the job seriously then she should just do everyone a favour and turn it down. Grace said she wanted to earn money to repay the kindness she had been given. She would not be there if she didn't want to take the job seriously. Jim was glad to hear it. Grace said she would uphold the honour of comic shop, defend it from it foes and stand guard over the register, Jim said he just wanted to know if she would come in on time. Grace asked if she got the job and Jim said it was hers if she wanted it. Grace said she was hired. Grace runs to Justin and hugs him saying she got the job. George asks Jim if he thinks is too perky, but Jim said she makes up for it in strangeness. George asked if Jim warned her about the male customers. Jim said he didn't want to insult her intelligence since she would be used to that kind of thing.


Still on June 7, just moment after end of Power Fantasy story line, Tedd asked Sarah if she was OK with spending time with Nanase.[8] She said she was and asked why he asked. Tedd said that Nanase was Elliot's girlfriend and Sarah said she had moved on and was also a lesbian so she didn't see a problem. Tedd said he was thinking more about territorial instinct and Sarah said she wasn't the jealous type. Tedd asked why she was so mad at Elliot for giving Sarah's sister a kiss in the cheek while under personalty bending magic, and Sarah mutter that her sister was also sexy and smart and Elliot find her attractive, before saying she was over the kiss.

Nanase rings the doorbell and Sarah goes upstairs to answer it, saying she has been looking forward to seeing her again. Sarah tries to convince herself that she is fine with Nanase and that she doesn't mind they she used to make out with and kiss Elliot. She has no reason to be jealous of her. When she opens the door and sees Nanase in a tight outfit she is stunned. Nanase asks if Sarah is alright and Sarah asks her if she walked to the house. Nanase confirmed that she did and Sarah was surprised, Nanase said it was only a few miles so it was no big deal, and Sarah thought about how hard to was for her to run a single mile. Nanase asked how Sarah liked beginning an assistant and Sarah it was OK and all they has done is make her hair longer. Nanase said that was good and Sarah told her she didn't think Tedd would make Nanase's hair longer.

Sarah and Nanase go downstairs and Tedd comments on Nanase's hair growth. Tedd asks if she cut it and Nanase tell him that she has not but unless he gives her a good reason she will get it cut. Tedd says he might have a good reason and Nanase comments that it is summer. Tedd says he is not telling her to keep it long, he just has an alternate idea. Nanase says if he is talking about about the gun she would prefer haircuts. Sarah asks him why Nanase's hair is growing fast and Tedd says he needs to get his lab coat to answer. Tedd explains that magic impacts people physical physiology which magic explain why Nanase is larger then average. Nanase asks if he is talking about her breasts and Tedd said only from a scientific hypothesis. Nanase is excited that she has magic boobs and Sarah wishes she has magic.[9]

Tedd says that no body part is more susceptible to magic than hair, so instead of building up, Nanase's excess magic is being used to grow hair. Nanase asks if magic is using the easiest way and Tedd says it is possible but he thinks magic is just using something safe. Tedd says it is just speculation and asks if Nanase had a spell involving hair. Nanase tells him that she had one that could manipulate length, colour and style and Sarah hugs her for her loss. Nanase asked if there was anyway to speed up getting her magic back. Tedd gives her a watch and Nanase asks if that is the watch the grows hair. Tedd says it is and Sarah asks if he was going to make Nanase go through all the steps, Tedd says the data he has is statistically insignificant he give Nanase the watch and tells her it is like a magic wand he tell her how to use it and Nanase asks him how he made a magic watch. Tedd says science and that he is done explaining. Nanase took of her hairband and said she was ready to try. Sarah thought about the watch making Nanase fat but chastised herself fro thinking that way. When Nanase turned on the watch her hair began to grow. Tedd told Nanase that her hair was growing which shocked her. Tedd theorized that when Nanase used the watch her magic made her hair grow rather then cast the watch spell. Nanase asked how to stop it and Tedd said it should stop soon, as Nanase hair continued to gorw Tedd said it would stop any second now. Sarah suggested taking the watch off, Tedd said it should not matter but Nanase takes it off. As the hair kept growing Nanase told Tedd to go get a razor and told Sarah to her to shave Nanase's head before the hair got heavy enough to hurt her neck. Sarah said she would.

When Sarah started to shave Nanase head, Justin (who is apparently in Comics shop) screamed but he did not know why.[10] When Sarah finished shaving Nanase's head she said she hoped her hair stopped growing before she needed to shave again. Sarah didn't know what to say and Nanase realized her hair had stopped growing. Sarah apologized but Nanase said that she told Sarah to cut the hair, Tedd tried to apologize but Nanase told him not to start since was trying to help. Nanase asks what they should do with the hair but there is a bright flash of light and most of the hair disappears while Nanase and Sarah's hair grows. Sarah tuns to a mirror and Nanase asks why Tedd's hair did not grow. Tedd wondered why he was not affected and Nanase suggested he might have resisted it. Tedd said that Sarah should have been the one who resisted it. Sarah asked why and Tedd said that thanks to Nanase's magic and himself, Sarah should have been the champion of spell resistance. Nanase asked what Tedd thing was and Tedd said it wasn't relevant. Nanase said she thought it was relevant. Tedd said his thing is his business and Sarah snickered. Tedd said they should be focusing on what they should do. Nanase asked how permanent the ahir growth was and Tedd said it was entirely permanent. Nanase asked how he knew and Tedd said he could sense it thanks to working with magic so long. Nanase asked if he sensed any enchantment and Tedd said he did not. They looked at the remaining cut hair on the floor and decided that only the new hair disappeared. Tedd said he conclusions ranged from bafflement and Sarah needing a hair cut. Sarah suggested a hair zapping since hair cuts cost money.

A bit later after Nanase left, Sarah said she was jealous of Nanase admitting to imaging her as fat. Tedd said that would be funny but impossible. Sarah admitted that when something did go wrong Nanase took it in stride while Sarah would have been she would have slapped Tedd silly. Tedd said that Sarah was one of the nicest people he knew and that he himself was jealous of Nanase sometimes. Both Sarah and Tedd admit that Nanase has earned everything she has. Tedd admits he can't complain since he is spoiled rotten with technology. Sarah said that if Tedd's dad was any indication Tedd will have magic potential. Tedd said that he doesn't since he is magically impaired. Tedd explains that he reaction to the magic detecting wand was a condition response from when he was a baby and his parents tried to figure out why he has zero magic potential. Sarah asked why Tedd said that things didn't add up and Tedd explained that he is resistant to enchantments after they are cast on him but it should not effect about the spells that put them there. Sarah suggest that his parents might be wrong and Tedd said that he hopes not. Tedd said that that was enough science for the day and Sarah should get a haircut before going home. Sarah asked if she could use the magic watch and when Tedd said it went haywire Sarah said they had to test Tedd's theory about the watch. Tedd said that if the watch was fine she could use it for a while, assuming they can figure out where it is. As Tedd and Sarah looked for the watch, Tedd remarked that he was surprised Sarah wanted to use the zappy solution. Sarah said she had been fascinated by transformation since watching The Sword in the Stone. Tedd said he ruined it for her when he accidentally turned her into a catgirl, but Sarah said she was only utterly terrified until Grace's birthday party. Sarah found the watch and Tedd insisted on testing it on himself first. Sarah said she was willing to test it on herself but Tedd said he didn't trust the watch and would be testing it under quarantine. Sarah sighs as Tedd tell her to hide of she shrieks and when he comes out she is surprised to see what he looks like with short hair. Tedd is glad his hair is not growing and Sarah comments that he really looks like Nanase. Tedd returns his hair to normal and Sarah said she appreciated the gesture but that made the incident so horrible was that it was a surprise, only allowed her to say meow and couldn't be undone right away. Sarah said she volunteered for experimentation and was not going to flip out if something went wrong. Tedd said he was more worried about ruining something Sarah find awesome. Sarah said as long as he was not sneaky, was careful and kept her informed she would be fine. Sarah put the watch on and got her short hair back. Sarah said she understands why Tedd is absorbed with magic tech since he is sticking it to whatever is stopping him from getting magic. Tedd said that that was a good reason but he actually wants to change the world by giving everybody enough spell resistance so that magic could become well known. Sarah thinks that is cool and says "Neato",Tedd said he would like to think so and that was definitely enough science for that day. Sarah asked if the offer to hang was still standing and Tedd said yes so they played Wii for a while until Sarah asked why Tedd could use watches if he had zero magic potential. Tedd said he had a little magic just not enough for spells.

Many years ago, Noriko, Tedd's mother, is continually checking Tedd's magic level with magic analysis wand hoping it will change.[11] Adrian tells her to stop scaring the child since it will not change. Noriko says that Tedd's bloodline should give magic but Adrian tell her the heredity and magic are not straightforward, Noriko said it was always for her family and she doesn't know what to do. Adrian tell her that Tedd might not be her apprentice but he will still be her son.

By the NumbersEdit

On June 11 Tensaided congratulated Elliot on learning how to organize the video shelves and Elliot said he did not understand why Star Trek 5 had to be separate from the rest.[12] Tensaided tell Elliot he will have to learn how to give his opinion to customers who ask about the movies they rent. Since Elliot is a cinematic dullard he will have to you critic approval ratings to find the percentage of favourable reviews. Elliot tries it out with Dragonliver and finds a rating of 45%. Tensaided is mad that a movie with a Scottish dragon got such a low review but tell Elliot is it a port in a storm so he has to use it. Susan tells Elliot not to worry since the reviews are usually enough. Elliot said that he was not worried and was not feeling motivated beyond doing a good job. Susan told him that their customers spend their weeks hard at work while putting up with all the frustrations of the world. Renting a movie is about more the watching a movie it is about rebuilding one's self. By helping people rent wisely he is protecting the very core of their well being. Elliot is amazed and said he is going to do the best job he can. Tensaided comments that Elliot is like a misguided henchman for a charismatic super villain, Susan calls dibs.

Elliot spends the night making recommendations to customers while wearing sunglasses, Susan asks why he is wearing them and Elliot admits he forgot to take them off. Catalina asked Susan how Elliot was and Susan told her she created a good monster. Susan asked Catalina if she wanted to see a movie about robots but Catalina told her she was already going with someone else. Susan asked if it was anyone she knew and Catalina doubted it. Susan asked for the name and Catalina blushed. When Susan remarked on the blushed Catalina called the sun a jackass. It was then that Susan realized that Catalina was going on a date. Catalina tell her to be quiet. She says that she doesn't mind if anyone knows she is gay, shouting it out loud to prove it, but her new friend does. Susan assumes that Catalina's friend is worried about her parents but Catalina says that they are major liberals, but she doesn't want her friend to find out. Catalina try to stop telling secrets but accidentally lets it slip that it is the girl she help save. Susan was happy that Catalina had a date but realized that she will become a backup for when her girlfriend is busy and a third wheel if they three hang out together, just like with Sarah. Elliot comes to ask her a question but Susan stares at him until he goes away.

On June 13, Susan called Sarah asking her if she wanted to go to the movies with her on Saturday. Sarah tell her she has lab stuff with Tedd. Susan is surprised that Sarah is still working with him, but Sarah says it is pretty cool. They try to set up a time but are unable to agree on a good time.

On June 14, Elliot asked a customer if he found everything okay. The customer told him to just scan his video so he could leave. Elliot asked him how many nights and the customer replied three nights. Elliot checks the online reviews and discovers a rating of 4%. Elliot asked the customer if he was aware of the critic rating. The customer called critics film snobs who didn't like a comedy movie with a guy in drag. Elliot said the rating was low even for that, but what the customer asked what was so wrong with the movie Elliot was unable to answer. The customer told Elliot to shut up and take his money calling him a film geek. Elliot tried to explain himself but the customer said that what he rents was his business and if Elliot gave him a hard time again he will complain to the manager. After he left Elliot was he was doomed and Susan called the customer an ass. Susan told Elliot that the customer was correct and he is not supposed to give opinions unless asked. Elliot asked if he was supposed to ignore a four percent rating. Susan said that unless he was asked he had to assume that the customer knows what they are doing and he might actually enjoy it. Susan asked why Elliot cared so much and he told her that he cares what happens to people. Susan said that mentality would make his risk his life to save an enemy. Susan tells Susan that Susan might not like people but she will still fight like hell for them even he she does do it with a grumpy face. Two hours later, Susan is mad that Elliot said she had a grumpy face when the customer returns with a look of horror on his face. The customer was shocked that the movie was so bad and asked why they would keep making movies like it. Elliot said he was sorry that the customer didn't enjoy the movie and asked if he wanted to rent another one. The customer said he just wanted the film out his dorm room and was going to read. The he left and came back to tell Elliot that he was still a movie geek. Susan told Elliot that the customer will be fine and that his essence will be OK. Elliot told her he knew that. Elliot said that it is not a big deal if people see a bad movie, but is suck to waste a night on a bad movie. Susan said that the numbers are usually enough but Elliot wants to form his own opinions. He wants to some more movies but doesn't know where to begin. Susan asked if he wants to watch some movies tomorrow. She said there would be a big screen television and popcorn and Elliot said that was great. He wants to invite Sarah but Susan tells hiom the she was lab assistant plans with Tedd. With Sarah and Tedd gone, and Ellen on a date with Nanase it will be just the two of them. Elliot wonders why he and Susan have the same work schedule. Susan thinks back to Tensaided telling her that she has to babysit him, Susan tell him it is not that weird and suggests starting a noon. Elliot said that sounded good and said they should get lunch as well. Susan said whatever, but inwardly cheered.

Duel of the DiscsEdit

In the late afternoon of June 14, Grace and Justin were talking about the upcoming card tournaments.[13] Justin asked Grace if she knew about magickal cards and Grace said that she did but that she did not understand why you drew power from lands cards that you play. Justin told her that during that tournaments her job would include receiving entry fees for the modern and sealed tournaments. Grace asked what the difference was and Justin explained that sealed tournaments are made from unopened packs from scratch while modern tournaments are the players own decks from recent sets. A man said that they are both inferior to the olde school format and Justin said that Grace job would include listening to the angry man. Mr. Tensaided says that the modern format restricts people to cards that have been printed in the past two years, which Just says keeps deck building fresh. Tensaided says that sealed format always uses the most recent set which misses cool older sets, which Justin says keeps entry fees below triple three digits. Tensaided ignores Justin's logic and says olde school is the best because all cards can be used, Justin says that means a ton of broken card combos. Tensaided says awesome combos are fun and balance each other out. He asks Grace her opinion and she says she zoned out and doesn't understand what they are talking about.

Some time later, Grace is amazed by then number of people who came, Justin says some will leave as they realized they can't win any packs. Grace asks says they are not playing for fun and Justin said the winning packs is fun. He asks Grace what movies they should put on. Grace did understand and Justin explained that they play muted movies to give people something to watch on the televisions. He asks her if she wants to show the prequels and Grace asks the prequels to what. Justin said the star wars movies and Grace says she hasn't seen them. Justin asked if she meant the prequels but Grace said she hasn't seen any of the Star Wars movies. Someone called her a witch and Justin told him to be quiet and asks how Grace could not have seen Star Wars. Grace reminds Justin her upbringing was different then his and Justin sheepishly admitted she was right then tell her she has to see them. Grace asks why and Justin say they are a huge part of culture and society. He calls Tedd to ask if he was the non-special edition and Tedd says he only has the special editions. Jimmy explains to Grace the importance of the original movies over the special editions and Justin says if she sees the special editions there will be things that are keeping her from enjoying it. Grace says she is 18 so that would happen anyway. Justin says that he doesn't have the originals either and wants to rent them but Tensaided says that no rental shop has them but he himself does and is willing to let Justin borrow the laser disc editions if Justin can beat him in a magickal card duel. An olde shcool duel. Justin said he only has a modern deck but Tensaided said it was the deal and he should he happy he doesn't alter it further. Grace points out he hasn't altered the duel yet and Justin accepts the challenge.

After the tournaments end and the store closes, Justin and Tensaided sit down for their duel.[14] The shuffle their decks and cut their decks, roll for position and Grace imagines it as a real magical duel. Justin summons a forest and an energy bird while Tensaided summons a mountain and a goblin that attacks Justin for two points. Justin draws a card plays a forest and activates power growth gaining another forest, he then summons elvish gardener. Tensaided is surprised that Justin has energy bird and elvish gardener in the same deck but Justin explained he only has one energy bird. Tensaided draws and said he doesn't have any land to summon but said that he doesn't need it. Tensaided sacrifices his goblin to summon gnomish inventor which he sacrifices to summon library of semantics which he sacrifices to summon gargantuan cannon. Tensaided sacrifices a life flower to gain enough energy to launch a Literary dragon at Just who has energy bird use scurry. The dragon hits Justin for seven damage but thanks to scurry Justin's monster remain unharmed. Tensaided ends his turn. Justin uses all of his energy to summon stompalope. Tensaided said meh. Justin asks why he said meh and Tensaided said that stompalope dies on removal. Justin says everything dies on removal and Tensaided says they don't always cost six energy. Justin says that is nothing to a tree deck and Tensaided says he could still get energy screwed. They continue to argue while Grace talks to the Elvish Gardener. Justin says actions speak louder then words and Tensaided agrees launching Skreevos at Justin. It hits Justin lowering him down to 1 health point. Grace asks if he is OK and Justin says it is only a card game. Grace explain she saw it land on him. Grace told Justin that he didn't have to win, the movies are not important. Justin says everyone knows Star Wars, the nostagia bind them together he does not want Grace's experience ruined by the special edition movies. Grace says that the CGI will not matter because she will still get to spend time with Justin. Tensaided said that was beautiful. Tensaided assured Grace that he will loan her the movies either way, he just wanted to beat Justin in a card game which he had done. Justin said he was not done yet. Tensaided suggested Justin use the machete order to watch Star Wars. Justin said that might be a good thing for Grace which confused her. Justin said even if he had only one life yet and no cards, he would draw his last card and go one with dignity he drew his last card and started to laugh. Justin plays unstoppable stampede raising the attack power of all of this monsters by 8/8. The Stompalope and Energy Bird attack and defeat Tensaided.

Tensaided admits that no matter how powerful a deck is, luck is always an element. Hay says he is impressed. Justin thanks him but Tensaided says that he was talking to Grace. Tensaided explains that Grace roleplayed and actually cried out every time Justin took a bad hit. Grace said she didn't cry out and Tensaided said she had a shelter upbringing but the geek is strong with her and invites her to play a rogue in his new RPG campaign. Grace says she will have to know what he means first and Tensaided says she is very sheltered.

Days later at the start of a movie marathon, Grace and Justin are watching Star Wars and Grace asks Justin if the empire is run by crazy people and Justin says that it is. Grace points out that the empire keep killing their only leads in their search. She asks why that guy is bothering Luke and Justin says that he doesn't like him. After his arm is cut off Grace wonders why it is furry - who's arm it even is.

There Be Whales HereEdit

Tedd was sitting in basement, when he started to suspect someone is there with him. He looks around, but doesn't find anyone, while the angle of panels suggest that the comics is shown from point of view of that someone and that it's invisible ...[15]

On Saturday, June 15, Grace and Sarah were sitting in basement, Grace apparently there as support for Sarah. Grace talks about how she looks human: clothes on top of fur are redundant, especially in summer, human furniture isn't made with tails in mind and antennae come with extra senses that she likes to turn off sometimes. Then Tedd brought watches for Sarah. She was hesitant to activate them, remembering how earlier (on 12th) she volunteered for experiments on clothing morphs including morphs with furry forms. The main reason why Tedd needs such experiments is that Grace can't gain form from watches (they don't work on her at all), so Tedd wants to find out how to program them to TF gun. Tedd originally wanted Elliot there, but Sarah took it as opportunity to get over that cat morph accident.

Finally pressing the button she morphs into catgirl: claws, fur, tail, canines ... she meows, which prompted Grace to ask if she's ok. Sarah replied that she is, although she hoped to sound more badass.[16] Tedd quickly moved to computer and started making notes. Grace explained that he need to make the notes quickly as he can't record what he sees when he watches magic. So Sarah goes to look in mirror. Grace again asked if she's ok, she replied that she would be nervous if she shouldn't change back ... and few moments later starts to panic and quickly undoes the transformation. Then transforms again. Grace started to ask again, worrying how she's really feeling, and Sarah explained that she actually have mixed feelings: it's both cool and fun and weird and scary. She also mentioned that clothing on top of fur doesn't feel right, confirming what Grace said earlier.

When Tedd finished writing into computer, he again had the feeling someone is observing him. He started looking around, then Sarah startled him. He asked her and Grace if they sometimes get the feeling their being watched; Grace answered that every time she don't wear a bra. Tedd said that it's not anyone spying on them, as he wouldn't be able to notice anything that could get around the defenses his dad set up.[17]

Sarah then asked how furry she needs to be. Tedd explained that ears and tail would need some fur so they don't look freaky, but that they don't even need to be cat-related, that he can program just about any form imaginable. Sarah seemed to immediately start thinking about some ideas ...

We got scene change to Susan and Elliot. They just saw Citizen Kane. Susan handed Elliot popcorn - one bowl for him and one for her, with chopstick, because it's "less messy". She needed to show Elliot how to hold the chopstick correctly, and went wash her hands afterwards (reminding her obsession with cleanliness again).[18]

Back in lab: Sarah and Grace talked about transformations changing size: Grace mentioned that limits is 80% and 126% of normal size.[19] Sarah then mentions that she didn't wanted to call Elliot because she waits for him to call her, and explains how she stopped liking that Elliot never takes initiative in their relationship.

Grace mentioned that Sarah basically wants Elliot to behave more like Ellen ... and wonders if Ellen's bigger spontaneousness along with the spontaneousness Nanase got after her near-death experience (in battle with Abraham[20][21]) will have any impact on what they do together. Of course, just at the same moment Nanase and Ellen started their Meddling Teenagers career.[22]

Meanwhile Tedd finished preparing the Watch with modified "non-furry cat form". He mentioned that new transformation will cancel the old one, which prompted Grace to ask why Sarah's hair are longer even without the cat form. Sarah explained that the hair length she came with was result of another watches and realizes she doesn't have those watches with her ... but Tedd expected that and loaded the short-hair form in TF gun.

There Be Whales Here Pt 2Edit

Elliot and Susan in the Video Rental Store (presumably while working) talked about various movies they watched previously. Other people in the store paid attention and are renting those movies to see what they are talking about. Mr. Tensaided noticed and offered them to rent them new movies for free, then clarifying that they should do video reviews with the same kind of talk they are doing in the store and put it on website. Susan didn't like the idea of performing before audience, but accepted trial run.[23]

Susan decided that they should consult with Tedd and Sarah, as they mentioned watching such reviews. Elliot complained that he doesn't like phones. When Susan heard that he don't remember when he last talked with either his best friend nor his girlfriend, Susan used her "higher level clerk" authority to order him to call her. He called and Sarah picked it in Tedd's lab ... while apparently shrunk by size changing spell. They agreed to hang out together next day. When Susan answers Tensaided, she mentions that she's not Elliot girlfriend, which is apparently new information to him.

Next day, Tedd was searching the basement in catgirl form,[24] possibly hoping that cat senses will help him find out the unknown spy. He's interrupted (and scared/surprised) by doorbell. He quickly ran to zap himself to normal, when he noticed that he IS back to normal. This confuses him, as the morph should have lasted at least another forty minutes.[25]

Several minutes later, Elliot and Sarah talked about Sarah's experience with magic. Susan asked if bringing Sarah into wizard word makes Tedd Dumbledore or Hagrid and Tedd jokes back by comparing Susan to Snape. Sarah and Elliot ends up their discussion with hug and Susan wasn't sure how she feels about that. Then Elliot proposed date and Sarah told him that he should choose where they will go. While Elliot thinks about it Sarah and Tedd talks about how should Susan name herself, suggesting "The grumpy" something. Susan aggressively replies that they don't need aliases and grumpily adds she's not grumpy.

After watching the reviews Tedd prepared, they commented about lot of stuff those reviews have in common ... and ends up agreeing they wouldn't have any of that.[26]

Next scene is short example of Ellen and Nanase as Meddling Teenagers: The Mall Goblin appeared, trying to scare them, and they immediately started chasing him.[27]

Just before making the review, Elliot transformed to make sure he wouldn't need to transform while recording. He unintentionally ended about half head higher and commented that picturing exactly what he wants is way easier to screw up that would Susan think.[28]

The movie they are reviewing is Sporkman Begins, based on comics Sporkman[29] (Dan obviously makes fun of Batman here). Susan ended up explaining that she's serious and that's reason why she don't like serious movies and why she likes Star Trek ... then says that it's too personal for review. They ended up going to watch Next Generation with the question if and how they finished the review left open.

There Be Whales Here Pt 3Edit

Tedd has finally stored enough magical energy in his energy-storing gauntlet to activate it. Doing this, all the energy he had stored in it up to that point could be used all at once. Tedd thought that doing this, he could finally see what he has sensed watching him during this arc. This idea turned out to be true.

Activating the gauntlet, Tedd's eyes turn pitch-black and he is suddenly able to see a huge alien algae-eater or "Whale" floating in his room, phasing through solid objects and walls.[30] Tedd attempts to communicate with it, but it isn't able to reply. The Whale shoots a psychic beam at Tedd, who falls back. At this point, time slows down in such a way that Tedd's fall takes multiple pages.

During Tedd's "fall," the Whale is able to talk to him, or rather, think at him. They have a conversation, the Whale explaining that he is from a species that "eat" abundances in ambient magic. It explains that the area where Tedd lives has always had more than the usual amount of magic in the air and that it is starting to get out of hand. Tedd's watches apparently wouldn't work outside of Moperville.[31] Because creatures from Uryuom descent cannot use ambient magic (instead using innate magic), Grace cannot use the watches either.

This abundance in magic would also explain why energy buildups are harder to deal with and why magical artifacts are used with ease within Moperville. The Whale warns that beings will inevitably be drawn towards Moperville if this continues. During this conversation, a metaphysical female Tedd is shown talking with the Whale with various fitting background images shown.

Lastly, Tedd asks whether he will ever get spells of his own, to which the Whale replies that he is a "far more dangerous rarity."[32]

At this point, the Whale cuts off the conversation, causing Tedd to fall on the ground in his normal state, save for a bad headache. Jeremy walks in, and Tedd pets him. Tedd decides to stand up against whatever it is that may be coming at Moperville, so he and his friends can be heroes. The story arc ends, however, with a jump six months into the future, revealing that nothing major has happened for half a year.

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