The El Goonish Shive Sketchbook, formerly the Filler section, is a section for sketches, illustrations and comics that don't fit anywhere else. It was born as a result of Daniel Elliot Shive getting his wisdom teeth removed and the expectation that he would be too out of it to be productive for several days.[1]

It was originally divided to subsections simply by year, but then Dan forgot to create new subsection for 2014, posting 2014 sketches to 2013 section, and later started using other names related to Patreon.


Sketchbook images have no ambition to be canonical. Even images which are just colorization of story images can't be declared completely canonical, as they occasionally include deliberate alternate colors or humorously altered dialogue.

Color Edit

Sketchbook is the section with greatest proportion of color images. While main story switches between color and grayscale at specific points, in sketchbook, color images can be randomly interrupted by images which are grayscale or even truly black&white.

"Arcs"/subsections Edit

Lost Sketchbook strips Edit

References Edit

  1. EGS Sketchbook Comic for 2002-07-01 ("Shrink Filler Comic: A Don't Care What She Says, I Think She Just Can't Resist the Amazing Flavor.")
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