Elliot tells the group how he and Tedd got back.

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ElliotSo what happened here?
SarahOh no you don't! All seven of us already know what happened here, so majority rule! Why are you a cat person, and how did you get back?
ElliotOk... after Ellen left us there, we got caught by the guard. I dunno why, but he let us go after a while. We didn't have a car or much money, so I used Tedd's belt to transform myself. The plan was I would use the increase in strength and speed to run home as fast as possible while carrying Tedd.
ElliotWe made it pretty far that way, all things considered...
ElliotBut even with the cat form, there was no way I could get home quickly on foot, especially while carrying someone.
ElliotWe wound up hitchhiking... I wanted to change back to normal, but Tedd advised against it 'cause of the stress I put my body under. But we did get a ride in spite of that...
SarahWait-- someone was actually willing to give you a ride with you looking like that?!
ElliotWell, I think that's because he though I was Grace at first...
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