Elliot introduces Ellen to Mr. Dunkel (who is reading newspaper again) and Mrs. Dunkel.

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  • Elliot's house

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Mrs. DunkelYou know, this picture I took of Elliot the other day turned out pretty well. It's so cute how she tried to hide from the camera! I think we should use it as our Christmas card this year.
Mr. DunkelIf that's what you wanna do, go for it.
ElliotUm, hi, mom and dad!
Mr. DunkelHello son. Sounds like you got your manhood back. Good work! You should eat some meat to celebrate.
Mrs. DunkelOh. You're back to normal. I'm glad.
ElliotEllen? Come on, it's best to get it over with.
EllenUm... Hi...
Mr. DunkelSounds like you lost it again. You need to learn to keep better track of your things, Elliot.
Mrs. DunkelPut down the newspaper, dear.
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