Grace shows the footage of Lord Tedd to others. Mr. Verres drops the "Grace didn't died there" bomb.

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  • Tedd's house

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Mr. VerresWell, all things considered, I'd say you've turned out pretty well, son...
The Screen Shot:
Lord Tedd is screaming into the webcam. General Shade Tail is visible in the background
Mr. VerresWait... Who is that? Grace, can you magnify and brighten that one corner?
GraceI didn't even notice anybody else in the image earlier...
Close up of General Shade Tail
Tedd: The hell...?
Elliot: The hair looks like Grace's
Grace: ...Is... That my alternate?
Tedd's Dad: Hmmm... No, I don't think so...
Tedd: Huh?
Mr. VerresThat guy looks like a concept sketch I once saw... I guess Grace didn't die in that dimension...
Tedd, Grace and Elliot look shocked
Mr. Verres(off-panel) Well, I'm going to go see if Ellen is out of the shower.
TeddGet back here!!!!
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