Ellen is testing her beam. Edward is talking about how Tedd transform to girl for vacation ... then Ellen zaps Tedd and explains that the device displayed green "OK".

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  • Tedd's house

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ElliotDammit Tedd! You said back when all this started that you were testing the gun on yourself. Why the hell didn't you just use that damn machine over there to see if the ray was working properly?!
Mr. VerresOh, he turns himself into a girl all the time. He claims it's like a vacation.
Mr. VerresQuite disturbing, seeing one's son like that...
Ellen is using the device. ZAP
Tedd has been V5'd
Mr. Verres*Sigh* I'll be upstairs...
EllenWhat? Hey, I used the stupid device. It displayed a green "OK" light, so I figured I'd zap Tedd. Is that so wrong?
EllenOh, and Tedd? Good luck with fixing the gun, 'cause I ain't zapping you back to normal.
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