Elliot talks about his ride with Hedge.

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Elliot's explanation continues...
ElliotHe seemed nice enough, actually... He didn't talk much at all, but he did seem to notice how tired Tedd and I were. He even gave us some food and water that he had.
ElliotHe gave me this weird look a lot, but given my cat form I though it was understandable.
ElliotOnce we actually reached Moperville, I started to sense that something weird was going on here at the school. I then had him drop us off a short distance from the school.
ElliotAs we were getting out of the car, he stopped us. He wanted us to look at a picture of someone he was looking for, with the hope we had seen her.
ElliotI'll give you three guesses as to who he was looking for...
ElliotThe picture was of him and Grace a couple of years ago... He didn't seem all that bad in the picture, either...
ElliotWe still told him we hadn't seen you of course, Grace, once the initial shock wore off.
ElliotHe didn't try to stop us from leaving, but he said if by chance we saw you to say that Hedge was looking for you.
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