Sarah runs into Grace and Greg in the hallway.

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Sarah(thinking) What was Elliot talking about? Something about the goo creating him? That's just madness! I don't--
GraceH-Hi... I appreciate your affection, but you're crushing me. Get off please???
SarahAnd Greg?! What are you two doing here?!?!
GraceWell, one reason was to tell you that the female Elliot isn't actually Elliot...
SarahWait... She isn't Elliot?!
SarahEw... She kissed me too...!!
*wipe* *wipe*
GraceWell, um, that's actually pretty understandable...
SarahHuh? Look, explain later; whoever she is, she's in some serious trouble!
Sensei GregWhat the hell just oozed into the gym?!
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