Nanase jumps into the fight to tell Ellen the good news.

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NanaseOk, so I need to tell her she's going to live, and what we need to do to destroy that thing, right?
SusanCorrect. Be sure not to die in the process...
Sensei GregAs soon as she'll listen to reason and accept help, we'll regroup and all work together to take this thing down!!!
NanaseSounds good... Assuming the two of us need help.
Nanase(thinking) Hmm... How to go about doing this...?
Nanase(whispering) Mahoh no Supekutoru!
Poof (in green)
Nanase's green illusory duplicateHey you! Yeah, the big glob of slime!
Nanase's green illusory duplicateBleah~!
Nanase's green illusory duplicateHee Hee!
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