The science teacher shivers as it is revealed that the fire alarm doesn't automatically call the fire department at Moperville North.

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Science Teacher(thinking) Grrr... I should've grabbed my coat when I heard the fire alarm...
shivering silence
Science TeacherHey, Principal Verrückt? Any idea why the fire department isn't here yet? It's been a long time since the alarm went off.
Principal VerrücktYou have a point! Hasn't anybody called them yet?!
Science TeacherHuh? Nobody should have to! When a fire alarm goes off, it's supposed to automatically notify the fire department!
Principal VerrücktOh, perhaps those morally corrupt schools that are lacking in murals have a budget for such fantastic technology, but around here we don't have the funds for such ludicrous luxary(sic)!
Science TeacherI think safety is a little bit more important than murals.
Principal VerrücktYou fool! Do you not realize that murals are the only things keeping our students from going over the edge?! The school would collapse into pure anarchy without their watchful painted eyes!
Science TeacherGrrr...
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