Grace and Greg find a recording from Tedd instead of the cause of Grace's discomfort.

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  • Tedd's house

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Sensei GregThis is the image that frightened you...??
Sensei Greg(off screen) This picture of some purple-haired guy scared you?
GraceOf course it did... Those eyes...
Sensei Greg(off screen) What about his eyes? I admit he looks a little bit like a girl, but that's not that big a deal, is it?
GraceHuh? What are you...?
GraceWhat?! That's something new!!
The computer shows an image of Tedd without his glasses.
GraceIt's a movie file! Play it! Please? It could be important!
And so, the mighty Greg pressed play...
Tedd(recording) Is it recording, Elliot?
Elliot(recording) I think so, Tedd... I can see the word "rec"...
Tedd(recording) Excellent, Grace? Hi! Um, sorry to interrupt whatever game you're probably playing, but we need to tell you something, and we need you to pass it on to Sarah before seven o'clock tomorrow morning, ok?
Grace(off screen) Uh oh...
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