Elliot is transformed into a cat-man, and asks questions to distract himself from the pain. Tedd fantasizes about Cow-Grace.

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ElliotAgh... *hack* Ugh...
ElliotOk, I need an aspirin, some yarn, and thirty-seven pounds of catnip, stat!
TeddI'm afraid that I'm fresh out of all those things, Elliot.
ElliotArgh... Figures... I guess I'll just... distract myself from the pain... by asking random questions... such as how does this field keep such short grass when it's out in the middle of nowhere with nobody to mow it?
TeddI guess cows keep it trim by eating it. Wait, cows? ...That gives me an idea...
Tedd(daydreaming) Darn! we're out of milk!
Grace(in Tedd's dream) Don't worry. I'll take care of that!
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