An explanation of how everyone was convinced of the plan. Then the narrator starts to wander.

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  • Tedd's house
  • Unknown

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The play was perfect... ok, maybe it wasn't. Elliot objected to the idea of sneaking into a government building, but Grace reminded him that with each passing day as a woman the odds of him experiencing PMS increased. Elliot decided the plan wasn't all that bad.
Tedd, while for the plan, did not like the idea of leaving Grace alone at night because of her "brothers". Grace said they don't know where she is and that she'd be fine. Elliot went home to prepare.
Jeremy, in a state beyond all reason savagely attacked an innocent ball of yarn. The family of the ball of yarn has yet to be notified.
The demon duck's high school reunion turned out to be a blast and it danced 'til dawn.
Meanwhile, this thing looks creepy. Isn't it creepy? I think it's creepy. Of course this thing probably is of no importance in any way, but look at it! It's creepy! *shudder*
This one time I saw this cow, and it--
ElliotGet on with it!!!
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