Grace misses Tedd, decides to bounce around as half-squirrel and notices something odd.

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  • Tedd's house
  • Just outside Tedd's house

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Grace(thinking) Tedd Tedd Tedd Tedd... Hmmm... I miss Tedd already. And I'm bored! I don't feel like video games right now and I have no Tedd to cuddle...
GraceHey wait... I haven’t been in half-squirrel form since Monday! Well, when in doubt, go squirrel...
Sensei Greg(thinking) What the hell? A sudden increase in power from inside the house?!
GraceWhen bored and half-squirrel, only one solution exists: Bounce around the house mindlessly!!!
GraceAck! The wall!!!
GraceThat was weird... I didn't mean to jump that far...
GraceAnd why do I feel so light all of a sudden?
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