Grace experiments with her forms, while Greg wonders at sudden power level shifts.

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  • Tedd's house
  • Just outside Tedd's house

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Grace(off screen) 80 pounds?!
GraceNow that is just strange.
Sensei Greg(thinking) This is odd... I sense great power but no real urgency or danger...
GraceMass is supposed to be constant... But can I truly weigh eighty lbs. in all of my forms?
Sensei Greg(thinking) Wait...
Sensei Greg(thinking) Where did all that power go?
Grace120?! That makes no sense, but yay! ...I think?
Grace...The cat form is 137 lbs...
Sensei Greg(thinking) Gah! the power rivals Nanase now?!
Sensei Greg(thinking) What's going on in there?!
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