Tony introduces himself to "Ellen".

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ElliotHi! With that purple hair and glasses, you must be Tedd! I've heard about you from my cousin!
TeddOh have you now, "Ellen"?
Tedd(whispering) Um, you do realize that you won't get any credit for any work you do as Ellen...?
Elliot(whispering) Sure I will. I told them what's really going on.
Tedd(whispering) You what?!
TonyHey baby, don't make the same mistake your demon cousin made by ruining your popularity by hanging out with this dweeb!
Elliot(thinking) I hate Tony...
Elliot"Demon Cousin"?
TonyYeah "Demon" is what we call your cousin behind his back.
Elliot(thinking) That's actually kinda cool...
TonySo, how'd you like to make out with a stud like me?
A hammer appears with a Vwoom.
ElliotKeep your eyes closed and I'll show you...
Tony(thinking) Oh yeah, I am one smooth operator...
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