The TF gun breaks leaving Elliot stuck as a woman.

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  • Elliot and Ellen's bedroom

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ElliotTedd... Care to explain why you've robbed me of my manhood?!
TeddI didn't want to, really! I wasn't myself for a moment after turning back!
TeddI think it might of had to do with the sudden testosterone rush, but I'm not certain.
ElliotOk, I guess that's understandable. But turn me back into a guy right now!!!
TeddThat's the plan...
The TF gun goes Snap Crackle Ker-plop.
Elliot...Please tell me that it making funny noises and smoking is a good thing?
TeddWell, let me ask you this-- How would you feel about a month-long vacation from yourself?
ElliotI'm stuck like this for a month?!
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