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Sarah discovers that Elliot is a girl.

Cast Appearing


  • Elliot and Ellen's room
  • The Dunkel household

First Mention or Appearance Of


Elliot"Variant #5 cares not"? What are you talking--
*insert rather ordinary door bell sound here*
ElliotOh, no! That's gotta be Sarah! She can't see me like this! Tedd, pleasepleaseplease go answer the door and tell her I'm very sorry but I just can't see her or something!
TeddYou can count on me!
TeddHello Sarah. What's happening. Yeah... Elliot's been turned into a girl and can't see you just now so if you could just come back some other time that would be great, m'kay?
Elliot(off screen) Damn you Tedd! You might as well let her come up here now!!!
TeddBut I thought you didn't want her to see you as a woman?!?
SarahYou turned him into a girl?! What's wrong with you?!
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