Tedd poses in front of the mirror.

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  • Elliot and Ellen's bathroom

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Elliot(off screen) Tedd? What're you doing in there?!
Elliot(off screen) You've been in the bathroom for at least ten minutes now! Going to the bathroom as a woman shouldn't be that hard to figure out man!
Elliot(off screen) Dammit, you better not be just posing in front of the mirror or something!!!
Elliot(off screen) Seriously, I was about to do something before you got here! Hurry up and finish whatever the hell you're doing in there and fix the TF gun!
Elliot(off screen) C'mon, I'm being nice by letting you work on it here! Once you fix the gun you can be a chick anytime you want, like on your own time maybe?!
Elliot(off screen) Tedd?!
TeddGimme five more minutes, you fascist!
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