Tedd explains why his belt won't work and confirms that Elliot is attracted to guys.

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  • Elliot and Ellen's room

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SarahLook, this is all very interesting, but why don't we just turn Elliot back to normal now?
TeddThe gun malfunctioned and will take a while to get fixed. He could be stuck like this for a month
SarahA month?! Why don't you use your belt to turn him back to normal?
TeddMy belt can only return people to being human; it won't correct gender.
ElliotOk, I know I have longer hair and super pheromones; anything else I should know about?
TeddWell, theoretically you should be bisexual in this form.
ElliotWhat?! I am not attracted to guys! I mean, you're a guy and I'm not--
Tedd removes his glasses and looks at Elliot
ElliotPut the glasses back on, keep them on, and let us never speak of this again...
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