Grace has caught Tedd transformed as a girl because he recorded himself.

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  • Tedd's house

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Tedd's house
Tedd(thinking) Yikes... I really made a mess of things. First I was a chick, and now Elliot's stuck as a chick, and I have no transformation gun to play with!
Tedd(thinking) Hehe... Well, at least one good thing came from all this! While in Elliot's bathroom I was able to use my glasses to record my female self! Now I have a movie file of the female me just waiting to be watched on my computer! I just need to make sure that Grace never sees it...
GraceTedd? Care to explain why when I was in the middle of playing a game you popped up on screen as a woman getting yelled at by Elliot while doing some sort of pathetic strip dance in a bathroom?
Mr. Verres(In the bottom panel, thinking) Hopefully that cursed son of mine hasn't turned anybody into anything; It would be nice to be able to come home from work with everyone being what they're supposed to be...
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