Tedd explains why he zapped himself.

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  • Dunkel household

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ElliotWhy in the name of all that is decent and good in this universe did you turn yourself into a girl?!
TeddWell, I wanted to make sure the female form variant #1 was ready to be used on Tony so I tested it on myself, but that's when the safety got stuck so I need to fix it so I can zap myself back to normal.
ElliotUse it on Tony?! Tedd, I know the guy's a jerk but turning him into a girl isn't right. You'd be totally messing around with his entire life!
TeddWhat're you talking about? Variant #1 only lasts for a day, then you're back to normal. I just want to teach him some humility.
ElliotOh. In that case I want it on film.
TeddI thought you would.
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