Tedd explains variant #5 and why Sarah is attracted to female Elliot.

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  • Elliot's and Ellen's room

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Variant #5's pheromones


Sarah Elliot?! Is that you?!
Elliot Sadly, yes.
Elliot hangs his head.
Sarah (thinking) What's going on? Elliot's a girl, so why am I still...
Tedd Relax Sarah, you ain't gay. What you feel is variant #5 at work.
Tedd You see, all the forms on my TF gun have up to five variants. The cat form, for example has a striped variant along with a spotted variant, etc. Female variant #5, in addition to making the target female, enhances their pheromones effectively making the target attractive to anyone regardless of gender or sexual preference; the only real exception to this are blood relatives.
Elliot Ok, first of all take your hand off my shoulder. Secondly, what are pheromones?
Tedd Let me put this is simpler terms: you smell sexy.
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