Update the Main Character Bios
Finish the arc summaries
  • Upgrade existing
    • add references
    • spellcheck
    • divide long paragraphs
  • Add missing
Decide on the verb tense to be used in Character Bios and arc summaries to make them consistent and implement it
Arc summaries and character bios should be written in the past tense
Decide what to do about references to comics that have no official title and make that consistent across the wiki
References to comics that have no official title should be made without a title parameter in the template
Characters who should get their own page (see Turning minor character entry into character page)
Characters who are likely to warrant their own page on next appearance
Characters who should get an entry on the Minor characters page
  • Sybil
  • Abner
  • Cecil
  • Blaike Raven
Creatures who should get their own page
  • Little Nase (duplicate on Susan as well)
  • Griffins, either as redirect to Dame Tara and Andrea (unless another griffin appears) or try to put together something generic and link Dame Tara and Andrea from there.
Other pages to be created
Expand stub articles about characters
Other work
Comic Transcripts
  • Based on Support reply, there are rules which images will represent the articles. We should make sure that every character have image matching this rules and this image is actually used for both categories and the related pages functionality. And complain if they wouldn't.
Meta work
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