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== References ==
== References ==

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This page is NOT supposed to be list of all possible shipping (which, given the TF gun, includes almost all subsets of characters) - it should contain ONLY shipping based on evidence in the comic itself ... BUT including sketchbooks or character fantasy sequences, if they have recurring character.

On the other hand, relationships which already happened in canon don't need to be here because they can be featured on the respective characters' pages. We only need a list for them.

Two-person relationships

Lavender, Edward Verres

Lavender seems to like Edward[1] and she even stopped hiding it[2] ...

Three-person relationships

Grace, Tedd, Sarah

The Grace-Tedd relationship is already canon, what about adding Sarah? The main fuel for this ship is obviously EGS Sketchbook Comic for 2014-12-08, but we know that Tedd was thinking about it[3] and after all, they've spent lots of time together in Tedd's basement ... naked.[4] They are not always working, and teasing[5], especially using the TF gun,[6] can go wrong[7] ... or right, depending on how you take it. Also, there's Grace's reaction to realizing that breakups happen[8] -- although Sarah's reaction to it (unless it was just an attempt to throw the others off the scent) indicates that nothing had actually happened at that time. Then again, less than a week later the two of them were giving Tedd a double hug[9], and Sarah doesn't look entirely innocent about it...

Ashley, Elliot, Susan

The Ashley-Elliot relationship is already canon, what about adding Susan? She's already expressed her opinion on the Elliot / Ashley pairing[10], and remember that she likes to watch[11][12]...

One of Ashley's kinks are transformations,[13][14][15] and it seems likely she's not limited to feeling attracted to men.[16] In any case she thinks Susan is the definition of Cool,[17] and she was quite certain Susan and Elliot was destined to become a couple.[18] Given the circumstances I think it's possible that Ashley might be OK with Susan taking control over their relationship to overcome their indecisiveness,[19] though she might have to fight Catalina for the privilege.[20]


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