Grace meets Sarah and Sarah drags her to the mall.

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  • Tedd's House

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SarahSo where is this girl “Grace”?
ElliotWell I believe at the moment Tedd is trying to drag her away from his computer….
TeddC’mon Grace, Sarah needs to see you if she’s going to get you stuff!
GraceBut… But I was about to trade in my cow far a sheep!
TeddIn that case, I’m doing you a huge favor!
Tedd(off screen) Here ya go.
SarahYou’re resorting to wearing Tedd’s clothes? This is an emergency!
SarahWait… the reason you need me to do this for you is because someone dangerous might see and recognize you?
GraceUm… Sorta…
SarahJoin me in the next room, Grace. I have an idea…
TeddYou see that?! Sarah wants to be alone with Grace! Man, I knew she was a lesbian!!!
ElliotRight… That would explain her wanting to go out with me.
TeddShe wants to go out with you?! Since when?!
GraceI look ridiculous.
SarahWell, this look is just so you can go out without someone recognizing you!
TeddJust think of it like normally you’re Superman and this is Clark Kent.
Elliot(thinking) She didn’t look ridiculous before?
SarahAnd now that you’re disguised, to the mall!
GraceNoooo my villagers need me!!!
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