A seyunolu (which translates from Uryuomoco as "chimera") is an individual born from a Uryuom egg that contains DNA besides Uryuom DNA.[1]

Roaisol SeyunoluEdit


A "lesser chimera" is born from a Uryuom egg that does not have any Uryuom DNA at all. Guineas and Hedge are examples of roaisol seyunolus.[1] Nioi and Kaoli are possibly roaisol seyunolus.

Tulougol SeyunoluEdit

A "greater chimera" is born from a Uryuom egg that contains both Uryuom and non-Uryuom DNA. Vlad and Grace are examples of tulougol seyunolus.[1]

Sexuality Edit

Greater chimeras are statistically more likely to be polyamorous, but also more likely to fall into the asexual spectrum.[2] Second universe Tedd commented that 40% of greater chimeras are non-sexual,[3] but still wants to hug and cuddle with friends.

Archie is example of an asexual greater chimera: his Uryuom side made him desire physical closeness with his friends, but he only started dating because cuddling started to be awkward without it.[4] Ellen has memories from her second life of being in relationship with him and pressuring him into sex,[5] but they broke up because of it.

Grace's sexuality is said to be mix of heterosexual and Uryuom.[6] It's hard to believe she still didn't have sex with Tedd, but technically the question is still open. The possibility of polyamory is also open...[2]



Among seyunolus, especially human/Uryuom tulougol seyunolus, there is belief in a prophecy about an individual, said to be powerful and a master of fire, who will come to unify the seyunolu outcasts of the world. Damien was created in hopes of fulfilling this prophecy;[7] this ultimately proved to not be true, at least for Damien. During Sleepy Time, Tedd's dream involves what is hinted to be the origin of Lord Tedd and features a silhouetted and shadowed self-proclaimed master of fire who may have existed or may still exist in the Alpha Universe.[8]

Uryuom Power and Magic Edit

Uryuom use energy classified as a type of magic for their shapeshifting and telekinesis.

Before the recent magic system change, Uryuoms and greater chimeras gave false positives for being awakened when devices such as the Magic Analysis Wand were used on them.[9]

It was also specifically mentioned that to get spells, chimeras like Grace would need to suppress their Uryuom power to build their human magic power.[10]

However, several magic systems ago, even pure Uryuoms were able to use human magic.[11] Since previous magic systems are accessible post-magic-change[12], it is therefore possible (and if the EGS Main Story Comic for 2018-07-06 is any indication probable) that how magic works for Uryuoms and greater chimeras has changed now.


See AlsoEdit

  • The Lespuko, a genetic relative of the Uryuom

Notable Seyunolu Edit

Ellen's second life universe Edit


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