"My training could inadvertently give a sociopath atomic breath or something. While awesome, that would be totally irresponsible."
—Greg to Justin, Elliot and Nanase

Sensei Greg is the founder and owner of the Anime-Style Martial Arts Dojo. Legend has it that after his girlfriend dumped him, Greg watched anime for 168 hours straight. Already a black belt in three disciplines, he was able to decipher the key to accessing the awesome power of a person's "ki", which usually involves participating in difficult, overly complex, and fairly ridiculous activities that according to the laws of physics shouldn't yield such fantastic results, and yet somehow do.[2] Greg founded the Anime-style Martial Arts Dojo based on those principles.

He has recently decided to close down his Dojo because the danger of giving people magical powers was too great and the only students left were Justin, Nanase, and Elliot.[3]

After the battle, he offered to hang out with Dex once in a while.[1] As he found Dex shares his liking of the Lucky Bunny Bounty Show, this will probably end up much better that both expected.

Greg fighting Edit

Greg fought the Goo,[4] but this little background event was the only case of him fighting for a long time, prompting sketchbook question about him (not) sparring with students.[5]

Greg knows a sleeper hold technique to knock an opponent unconscious, which he taught to Grace during the battle with the flame summons using the flame summons as practice dummies.[6] He has also demonstrated that he can use his ki as a force field.[7]

Other abilities Edit

Along with spells enhancing his fighting abilities and mentioned force field, he can sense (magic) power.[8]

Relationships Edit

Dex Edit

After the incident with the flame summons, he offered to hang out with Dex sometime. Surprisingly, they had a lot in common—including liking the Lucky Bunny Bounty Show.[1]

They have probably regular game nights,[9] which may or may not include other people.

Grace Edit

Greg offered to train Grace,[10] repeated that offer after closing ASMA dojo,[11] and when Grace finally accepted,[12] he actually started to train her,[6][13] and continued even after closing his dojo[14] (it wasn't specified where, although the new dojo is an obvious option). We saw Ellen helping with that training, but don't know who else might be attending those private lessons.

Not-yet-specified girlfriend Edit

Greg has a girlfriend.[9] They met on New Years Eve.

Quotes Edit

"Do anything evil and I will punch you through the face."
—Greg to Noah, EGS Main Story Comic for 2011-05-23


  • Greg has been "shrinking" throughout EGS. he was originally intended to be 6'7" tall, but has been up to 7'6" in early comics. He has consistently been 6'6" since the end of the Bringing Silly Back story arc.
  • Greg is a big fan of the Lucky Bunny Bounty Show, among other anime including Dragonball Z and Ranma ½.
  • Greg is not old man or a pervert - and is sad about it, as it's against the tropes about anime martial arts masters[15]




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