Salty Crackers

Salty Crackers Comics is the comic book shop where Justin and George work. Regular patrons include Dex, Bill, Duck, and the rest of Bill and Duck's friends. It is known to sell trading cards, comic books, shirts, toy hammers, and video games. Susan likes to go there to find something to read, play games, or hang out; Nanase goes there to keep Justin company during his working hours and sometimes assist him. Ellen has visited the shop a few times, but does not like to hang out there; Elliot planned to do just that, but ended up fighting a fire summon created by Dex instead. It is not known if Elliot plans to return.

Geographically, it is near a river with a bridge, which proved useful in unsummoning the fire summon when it attacked.

The shop is one of at least four that are known to exist in , but all that is known about the others is that Justin has visited one, and it might have a Superman standee.[1]

It was revealed during the Summer story arc that all of the shops are owned by Justin's uncle Jim.[2]

In Nepotism, Grace started working there.

The store not only sells cards, but also hosts Magickal Gatherings tournaments.




  • Salty Crackers Comics appears to be modeled on the comic book stores under the name "Graham Crackers Comics" in Illinois. Graham Crackers Comics has a location in a city in Illinois with a similar name to Moperville, Naperville. This similarity, along with others, suggests Moperville itself is modeled on Naperville. See the trivia section of the Moperville article for more info.
  • The security cameras around Salty Crackers are fake.[3]


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