Respect is the eighth story arc in EGS:NP. It opened on August 25th, 2004, and closed on September 25th, 2004, for a total of 15 comics.

Summary Edit

Amanda was walking to work and could hear people snickering at her. When she told Alice this she told her it was dumb to worry about it. Amanda asked Alice if she respected her and Alice told her that she was a doofus, but deserved respect because she managed to get paid for it. She then asked Dr. Germahn if he respected her. He said he did then tried to give her a spiked soda. Amanda shouted at him for testing on her so he gave her a real soda instead. Amanda planned to do something big in order to make people respect her, but when she looked down she realized that the soda she drank was spiked with experimental formula as she had regressed to a 6 year old girl. Dr. Germahn was disappointed that the youth formula went back too far and decided to grant Amanda's request for her own project if she could give him a decent proposal.

Back at her apartment, Amanda was having a hard time coming up with an idea for her project. Amanda slumped down next to Lisa and ranted about her life while Lisa suggested they eat some ice cream and have a pillow fight. Lisa then told Amanda that a big project wouldn't grant her respect. She needed to figure out why people disrespect her. Amanda hugged Lisa for helping her, but Lisa held on to long.

The next day, Amanda walked to work and yelled at some kids who were snickering at her. Amanda walked up to Germahn trying to sound respectable, but was caught when Dr. Germahn asked her about her project. Once she revealed she didn't have one, Dr. Germahn was disappointed with her for not taking initiative. Amanda told him that she only wanted to do the project so that he would respect her. Dr. Germahn told her that he did respect her; he had to experiment on her because he is a mad scientist. Amanda went to tell Alice that Dr. Germahn does respect her, even though she was turning into a cow.

That night, Amanda told Lisa about her day and wondered about Lisa's obsession with slumber parties.