Nanase discovers what Elliot has done and slaps him for that.

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Sensei Greg(off screen) Ok people, Elliot and Nanase get to rest a bit but as for the rest of you* it's time to start training!!!
*Yes, there are more students then Elliot, Nanase, and Justin. I'm just too lazy to draw any of them
NanaseWhat is your friend's name?
ElliotEh? Oh... Sarah.
NanaseHow long have the two of you been friends?
ElliotAs long as I can remember.
NanaseAnd she's attracted to you?
NanaseAnd does she know that you’re aware of that?
ElliotI don't think she does.
NanaseAnd she didn't know about me before tonight, did she?
NanaseSo she didn't know we were together until she saw us kiss?
Nanase slaps Elliot. POW!
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