Q&A #4 is the thirteenth story arc in the main canon of EGS. It opened on January 26th, 2010 and ended on February 26th, 2010 for a total of 10 comics. Lisa, Amanda and Chika answer questions form the viewers.

The first question section dealt with the relationship between Mrs. Kitsune and Mr. Verres. It was confirmed that Mrs. Kitsune is the sister of Tedd's mother also, when Mrs. Kitsune was called to talk about her sister, she claimed she did not have one.

The second question section talked about what time of year the comic takes place in. While it was originally going to take place in the fall, the time was later changed to the spring. For an exact date they used the timeline in this wiki. Short of a finding a flaw, the timeline is considered canon.

The third question section involved three short questions involving random universe facts. These included the agents used wands because only true wizards can use other people's spells, the hair colours in El Goonish Shive are natural, and Elliot's inner demons make him more powerful while also making him berserk.[1]

The fourth question section was about transformation rays. If hit by the same type of beam a second time consecutively, it won't change a person further.

The fifth question section dealt with size change questions. The first part told the reader that eating food while small will not keep you full when you grow back. The second part told the reader that a person who grows is protected by a forcefield to keep them from getting crushed. The third part told the reader that the shrink soda can effect people transdermally.

The sixth question section answered questions that had arose from some of the answers given. It started off by explaining that people who get hit with a grow beam then eat a lot of food, will give a loud burp when they shrink back, this is done to keep transformation fun. The second part informed the reader that Ellen is not in V5 form and can therefore be hit with the V5 beam.

The seventh question section responded to the question about Raven's barriers not blocking the restroom Nanase was in. The answer was that Raven's barrier automatically blocked all doors and any other barriers had to be specifically inserted, since Raven did not need to block that particular bathroom there was no barrier there.

The eighth question section answered a bunch of questions that dealt with upcoming events. It was revealed that Greg and/or the Dojo would appear again, the child left behind would be revealed, and Lord Tedd would not be coming back soon but Noah would.

The final section revealed that Dr. Germahn was still around and, thanks to HD cameras in the labs, he did not have to be present to know what was going on. Amanda then revealed that the next storylines will bring the silly stuff back.

References Edit

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