Amanda continues explaining the TF gun forms, talking about animal forms. They have human faces because Tedd prefers it that way ... and it's actually easier for the gun.

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LisaJust kidding! I bought a pregnancy sympathy suit!
Amanda... why?
LisaTo mess with people.
AmandaAnyway ... now that we've got gender forms covered, it's time to talk animals.
Amanda(Narrating) The animal forms of the TF Gun are not dependant on acquiring the DNA of any given animal. In truth, the animal forms programmed into the gun are approximations of human-animal hybrids as designed by whoever's at the wheel of the TF Gun form program.
Amanda(Narrating) This explains why all the half-animal forms Tedd's programmed still have mostly human faces; that is Tedd's preference, and is easier for the gun to pull off. Lesser chimeras, like hedge, have more animal-like faces due to being true hybrids.
Amanda(Narrating) Cow forms are taboo in the eyes of some, but the aspect that makes them taboo could be applied to any form. We associate cows with that, which would ... partly explain it if Tedd made cow forms that way.
TeddDo you think there's a demand out there for cat-human milk?
SarahI'm going to pretend there isn't.
AmandaWas all the collared, furry nudity really necessary for this part of the TF Gun Q&A?
DanIt's not nudity if no naughty bits are showing.
AmandaAnd why does my tag have an "L" on it?
To be continued ...
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